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Thursday, November 16, 2006

comments not working

sorry everybody, but since i made the move to blogger beta, my comments aren't working. i haven't had a chance to really look into it, but i will. for now, if you have something burning to say, please email me ( nananabatmanATgmailDOTcom / work: myfirstname_mylastnameAThc-sc.gcDOTca).

yesterday i did some wonderful things. i read a bunch of a magazine that came in the mail, i napped, i didn't cook dinner, i saw a movie, and i saw the dancing with the stars finale. what a night!

i napped so i could go out. i didn't cook dinner because we stopped for subway on our way to the movie. i saw the prestige and then watched my pvr'd episode of dancing with the stars. AND i was asleep before midnight.

i really liked the prestige. it was fun and twisty with so many things that i didn't get, but in a neat way not in a super-confusing-i-hate-this-movie way. i haven't asked so many questions after a movie in a long time.

did i mention that it's almost christmas? i can't believe we're half-way through november. what happened? why is time flying by so quickly? it feels like i'm observing life as it flies by instead of participating. but then i think about it and realize that i am doing things, maybe not enough things, but things. i have friends and hobbies and ... things. is this normal? does everyone feel like this? is it because we haven't had any sunny days in the past forever? where do we live, england?

that was enough ranting to get the blood flowing.

i'll leave you with this: ohmibod. it's something i read about in chatelaine yesterday. it made me laugh. and then it made me wonder. ps. it's not safe for work. in fact, the site is blocked for me. go home and enjoy!

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