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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

change is upon us

blogger has been updating things and now i'm using the beta version. so i'm still getting used to some of the new features. i don't know if i like this version better yet but we'll see after a bit.

more change: i'm moving cubicles this week. or so it said in an email that i was forwarded from a coworker, not my boss though. i'll be closer to my team and the elevator but farther from my old coworkers and the bathroom and the kitchen. tradeoffs. i will definitely miss the chatty-ness of the people right around me. we have fun over here.

we're starting to buy christmas presents but couldn't help but buy a sonic game for the xbox. i loved sonic when i was younger, probably because we had nintendo not sega. this game though isn't the original sonic but it's still good. and worth the $20. i played until my hands hurt. i just don't have the stamina i used to when it comes to console games.

hockey last night was probably the best game i've played in this league. my team is in 2nd place and we were playing the 4th place team but they brought it good. i was very tired nearing the end of the game, though i am used to having more people there and therefore getting less ice time. at least i didn't get any penalties and even scored a goal. it wasn't a pretty goal but a goal.

after hockey i decided i was going to go get groceries, because when it's 10pm and you get up at 6, groceries is a good idea. stupid girl. i got groceries and am happy about that but this morning was rough. i was a zombie for the first hour at least. i did it to myself.

i went to the doctor today to get a prescription refilled.. or so i thought. i was told to strip down and cover myself. what? apparently i was in for a full physical. i talked them out of that and just got my prescription. sweet. i also found out that we'll need only one shot to go to costa rica in the spring. (richard, have you had your hepA shot? you need it!)

now i just want to nap and nap and nap but friends are going to see a movie tonight. it's an early movie but should i do it? i'm exhausted and the weekend is still two and a half days away. decisions decisions.

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