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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

a little grouchy

this isn't always the case, but today i will admit that i am grouchy. something about having nightmares and then having to wake up when it's still dark out and then heading out in the rain. at least it wasn't cold. see, i'm still optimistic.. just grouchy.

i may be getting sick and i may not be eating enough fruits and vegetables and i may have not done groceries in over a week. hmph!

but on the bright side of things it's hump day. half way through the week and then it's the long weekend. this time last year we were getting all ready to go to thunder bay to visit sj. we spent the long weekend trying to get her cat to come near us and watching a tattoo show on one of her exotic channels. i was also able to meet some of the family that i hadn't met before.

this year we have plans to take the car in on monday. after this though it should start the first time every time (it's running a tad rich) and that will be nice when it's minus a mazillion degrees out.

last night we played the last place team in the hockey league. i don't know what the final score was because they stopped putting up our goals. our superstar player was not being very sportsmanlike, which i don't like, but i can't say anything. she's one of those 18 year old "popular" girls. the ones that still intimidate me, even though i've got years on her. years and years. stupid girl. anyways, i had an awesome breakaway and put the puck in the net, not because we needed the point but because i deserved it.

the great part was that my finger didn't bother me at all. it only hurts now and then when i'm typing. i did block a shot with my ankle though. it hurt more than i expected but no bruising or anything.

i'm looking forward to filling the house with food tonight and lounging around in my track pants watching all of our exotic channels, which are still new and fresh and great.

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  1. stay away from HGTV... or you'll never leave the house again! :P