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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

where is the love?

my blisters were getting better and then i played hockey last night. i was hoping i would be okay, and my left foot is, kinda. my right foot is not. ouch! it was extremely painful and dashes any hopes i had of running. anyways, not to worry. my work is very laid back and the people here don't mind if i wear socks and birkenstocks.

j came home last night with a spanking new sun computer and was content to set it up after work. i was content to sleep for 2 hours in my warm bed. but napping really threw me off and i spent a long time trying to fall asleep last night. at 3am i turned out my light and prayed for sleep.

it finally came, but just my luck, this morning was our electrical walkthrough so we had to get up early. i only scored myself 3 hours of sleep. i see myself as a basketcase all day but who knows. j is always his most productive when he hasn't had much sleep. maybe i can be productive too. and then again, maybe i'll sit all hunched over in my cubicle rocking back and forth. we'll have to wait and see.

right, the electrical walkthrough. basically we went through the whole house and had the location of all the outlets and lights pointed out to us. it was very disorienting because our house is a mirror image of the model home, but i think that will be nice in the end because we won't always think of the model home (which is obviously professionally decorated and upgraded through the roof). our house will be our house. hopefully everything we chose looks good because we have no one to blame but ourselves! we took pictures so check my flickr site tonight or tomorrow for those.

right. work.


  1. I hate blisters. They are such a pain.

    Thanks for keeping your loyal readers up to date on the 'current' news about your new place. Pun intended!

  2. Hahahaha... Alan is funny!

    J made a point to nananananana me that your house is sooo far ahead of ours. Harumph!

    Looking great - that snow we had a couple of days ago really made the whole house thing seem sooo much closer. Don't know about you, but I'm getting excited!

  3. Hahaha... Alan is funny!

    J already nananananah'd me about how much further along your house is than mine ;P

    The snow we had a couple of days ago made me realize how close we really are to house-completion... I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited!

  4. oops...double post :O

  5. Wow - very nice! A double car garage, I am jealous! What model is this, I believe the builder is Urbandale, right? We saw the Urbandale towns and were very impressed.

  6. tania, we did buy our house over 5 months ago... no matter what we'll have waited longer. and alan, he who buys a house and moves all within a month - we're all jealous!

    k1, it's the sunnyvale model. basically the only one with a kitchen we liked (not a galley kitchen) and a downstairs with one main living area and one main basement-y part (no three or four doors to basement-y goodness for us). you can see a floorplan if you google search for urbandale, click on riverside south, click on home search and then choose townhomes and 1500-2000 square feet. click on sunnyvale and voila! (i would have just posted a link but the website doesn't work that way.) it seems to be very similar to your house (yes i checked out the floorplan because i'm nosy.)

  7. ps - we bought our house around the same time you did... May, right?

  8. you did?? where have i been? i thought you bought much later.