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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what, too soon?

when south park aired an episode for halloween that included steve irwin dressed up as himself with a stingray hanging from his chest, maybe they asked each other "what, too soon?" when they received the backlash from people all over the world. maybe they didn't.

i've been thinking about christmas. what, too soon? i don't think so. and i only say that because it's not too early for people to be asking me what i want for christmas. hello people! it's just halloween now. simmer! but i don't really talk like that so i just calmly tell them that i'll come up with a list.

lists. i'm known for my lists. i like lists. i come by it naturally. my mom is a list maker. lists help me organize myself and plan out the things i have to do or buy or the things i've accomplished. they make me feel good and on the ball.

but sometimes lists don't do everything. can you blame them? they're only as robust as they are created and most people make pretty skimpy lists. so i propose that instead of the usual christmas lists (1. a pony 2. popsicles 3. nintendo) we use a survey to let people get to know us and our interests and will therefore be armed when deciding what to get for us. on board? good. copy and paste the following survey, delete my answers and put in your own. post said survey on your blog or in the comments. change the survey if it doesn't include something important to you.

so let's all get to know each other while pining away for some great christmas gifts!

survey ahoy!

Batman's Wonderful Christmas Survey 2006

1. Where are you in life? (i.e. do you have a partner, kids, a house, a useless university degree and no job, cookie dough and Oprah on tv, etc?
Well thanks for asking, Mr. Survey. I am married with two cats. We recently bought a house and will be moving at the end of January. (aka: Buy me house things!) I would say that my university degree is useless but I finally landed a job in my field, so, thank you university degree. You are not useless.

2. Do you have any hobbies, passtimes, stamp collections, other things that might be useful, present-wise?
Let's see. I play sports (hockey and volleyball currently, baseball in the summer). I knit and I scrapbook and most recently I've taken up freezer paper stenciling. I love to read novels and magazines and blogs on the internets. I sometimes go to the movies and went to the IMAX for the first time recently. Did you know that they have season's passes? Oh, and I like the Disney animated movies and there are tons out this year (hint hint).

3. Are there any specific stores that you often shop at and would love if you had copious amounts of money in the form of gift certificates to spend there?
I'm glad you asked. I get a lot of my clothes from Suzy Shier, Old Navy, and Sport Chek though I would be willing to branch out. I don't often buy books but I like to so Chapters/Indigo would be a good one. And since we're moving soon, we'll be spending a lot of time (read: money) at places like the Brick, the Bay and various other stores (possibly Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, others? Any ideas?) What else? I print my pictures at Photolab.ca for my scrapbooking and buy lots of stuff at Michael's for my other hobbies.

4. Are there things that if you had a lot of money you would buy but since you don't you don't? (This is an ugly-worded question, but don't judge!) Big things or little things, just try and make them somewhat-realistic-for-someone-to-buy-you things.
J and I would maybe get a PVR or a Rogers digital box. I can't really think of anything else so I'll stop there.

5. Are you okay with regifting?
Absolutely. Isn't there a saying about waste not want not? Does that even apply here? I think that if you receive something that is nice but not necessarily something you want, giving it to someone else is completely okay. Just don't throw it out.

6. Do you currently subscribe to any magazines?
I was very fortunate to have subscriptions to Reader's Digest, Chatelaine, In Style and Macleans all given to me. All of these subscriptions are on their last legs.

7. What are some present ideas that you've given to other people or heard of that you think are awesome ideas and woud love to receive?
I personally think presents like movie passes, hot air baloon rides, magazine subscriptions and gift certificates are great. I've been given framed pictures of my cats before and that was nice (thanks A&S!) and hot chocolate powder for work (thanks R&M). What I'm trying to say is that I've received many wonderful things in the past and the best presents weren't always the more expensive ones. I love the idea of being able to use the gift in some way and getting/receiving gifts that are personal.

8. Speaking of personal gifts (this will only work with my previous answer... oh well), do you like to receive hand-made items? What colour is your main winter coat?
Love it! I have a bright red winter ski coat and a long black wool coat.

9. What are some things that you get every year that you love? And hate?
I get socks every year from my parents and I love it! I don't think I get something consistently every year that I don't like. Sure there have been presents I haven't liked but I can't think of any right now.

10. This is an open question for anything you think hasn't been covered. Say whatever you want to say!
Coming soon: Batman's Second Annual Cookie Party, by invitation only (space is limited - sorry!) Invitations will go out to the people who attended last year and then I will open it up to others. Hopefully this will take place the first Sunday in December like last year.


  1. I love lists! My life would not be complete without lists. I have lists for groceries, assorted lists for travelling (camping, caribbean), list for birthdays and Christmas, spreadsheets for expenses, etc. K2 can attest to my little compulsion, but guess who's never late, lost, unorganized or unprepared?! Moi.

    And thanks for the survey -I am going to copy it!

  2. Brilliant idea, Batman!

  3. tania thanks for posting your survey. it's kinda funny that it doesn't really accomplish what i wanted it to at all. really. but still. it was fun.