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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the rest of the thanksgiving weekend

(read friday's post and then saturday's post first)

i was really hoping to sleep in and not be disturbed by a vomiting-on-me cat. and my dreams came true! i slept and i slept some more. finally!

we really only had one thing to do sunday and that was go have our third turkey dinner with my parents and brother. so that's what we did. we spent a good 7 hours over there.

187_8775 (Medium)

187_8776 (Medium)

and when we got home i crashed. i poured myself onto the couch and slept. apparently i was a little tired. so we didn't end up going out. i slept and j played computer games.

monday was the bonus day off. we slept in because that's what days off are for and then i did laundry that i had been putting off for a long while and j helped a car guy fix some stuff on his car. i eventually gave up on laundry and went and read outside. again, it was bright and sunny and warmer than expected.

we spent the night watching grey's anatomy and playing computer games (guess who did what!) and finishing up the laundry. it was a nice end to a super long busy packed weekend.

if you know vik and took pictures on saturday, email me (myfirstnameATgmailDOTcom) and i will invite you to the group pool i set up (link here). otherwise you can just go take a look at the pictures so far.

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