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Thursday, October 19, 2006

mental health day

you know when your lack of sleep plus the crappy gray rainy weather is just making you feel like crap? and then you eat some ravioli with ground beef in it and you never eat ground beef and your stomach is hurting and all you want to do is crawl into bed and not leave for a whole week? yeah, well that's how i was feeling. and apparently j wasn't feeling so hot either so we took the day off.

work has gotten pretty busy. i started a post yesterday but never got around to publishing it so i deleted it. basically, what i was going to tell you, in a kazillion more words, that i played two hockey games tuesday night instead of just one (one of the teams playing after mine needed a spare so i stuck around and played), and about 5 minutes into the second game i could feel the blisters starting. true to form, i had two ginormous blisters and cannot wear shoes. but i've learned and that's the important thing. thing #1: i am not cut out to play two games in a row, and thing #2: not all people wearing socks and sandals want to be wearing them.

last night we headed to kanata to alan and sylvia's house for dinner. the food was awesome. we had veggies and dip and cheese and crackers and then chicken, rice and salad for dinner, and apple crumble for dessert. it was really nice to see a&s and to meet their friends who were a lot of fun. we hadn't yet decided to take the day off so we left early and were in bed by midnight.

this morning our alarms were going off in sequence (j's, mine, j's cell phone, and then mine again and so on) and i heard j ask if it would be okay with me if he stayed home. i said yes and quickly asked if it was okay with him if i stayed home. he said yes so we stayed in bed until almost 1pm. marvelous.

our productivity didn't end with the enormous amounts of sleep though. we took the car in and got the snow tires mounted and the oil changed and while we waited we looked around at furniture and found some things in canadian tire that we needed. we also stopped by future buy (future shop + best buy) and got an external hard drive (we're getting more and more paranoid about losing our pictures if anything were to happen to the computer) and new earphones for j. we also looked at laptops because we think that's the way we'll go in the new house.

lots of talk about the new house today. no new pictures though. we were thinking of going out today but ran out of time. we are currently waiting for the last of our down payment cheques to come out so we can finally know the exact final price of the house. we think we're on track for saving but we're not entirely sure. and once we know all that we can start buying appliances. sweet!

i will leave you with a picture of rolo mushed in the xbox box:

188_8858 (Medium)


  1. Whoa! That picture of Rolo is scary!

    Dave and I have wireless internet where we're living now - we both just laze around the house wherever we like on our laptops... it's wired bliss!

    (though, we take a lot of slack cause we'll both be sitting in the living room on our laptops posting on message boards and instant messaging each other for laughs :P)

  2. He kinda reminds me of the Gmork from The Never Ending Story in that picture.

    My big scary wolf monster cat.