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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

it looks strange without a title

last post i forgot to put a title. i was going to write the post, which are never planned by the way, and see what a good title would be. i just never went back. oh well. i'm back to my old ways of putting a title and then writing the post. they will therefore remain unmeaningful. hope you don't mind.

okay, so i rocked volleyball last night! last week i was pretty annoyed with how i played. i had a bunch of boneheaded moves and was even laughed at by all the players, both on my team and the other team. but not last night. last night i had some great hits and tips and plays in general. i finally felt like i was contributing something other than my serves. it was a nice feeling. nevermind the fact that the other team wasn't very strong. we took them in three straight sets in under an hour.

and then we ate chocolate. that's my kind of volleyball.

so i was pumped about that. and i knew that i already had a lunch ready for me for today and we had already done groceries and all i had left to do was shower and go to bed. we were in bed at 11:30 and i was finished my book by midnight. but for some reason i was dead this morning. just dead tired. didn't want to get up and was a basketcase for the first couple hours at work. definitely a day i wish i drank coffee.

j and i put our plan into action last night and got groceries soon after work. we planned out our dinner for tonight and got some new things (like fish!) to try for this week. and tomorrow we're meeting with someone at the bank. did i tell you that our bank lady up and left for toronto and no one told us? is that right? is that normal? what if we hadn't called? but we did call so everything's okay. i guess. back on point: we will also drop off our passport applications (a full application for j and a name change for me) wednesday so we can go on our trip.

trip! travelling! somewhere hot! dare i say a honeymoon? yay!

in conclusion, i really want to travel because i think i would like it and i need something new to read. thank you.


  1. whoa, good thing you're on the ball about the bank lady.

    Have you decided where you're traveling to? I have to renew my passport soon as well - it expires next year.

    p.s. I much prefer a meaningless title to no title. It looks weird without it. Plus, your titles are always good.

  2. Aaaaaah! Travel :-) I already live vicariously through you with volleyball, now I can do it with travelling too. Awesome. Happy honeymoon planning.

    Did you hear that Shelley B bought a house with her boyfriend? It's in Guelph so maybe I can visit it. It's an older house and it looks really nice for a coupe. The whole 0.5 upper lever (not a fill 2 storey) is a master bedroom...nice.

    See ya chica

  3. no, i didn't hear that. good for her! did you read about it on her blog? i dumped her link because she NEVER updates (i'm talking months on end with no posts). i should email her.

    oh, we're going to costa rica. we were thinking panama for a while, but costa rica has beeter windsurfing and that's what j is wanting. i'm wanting wildlife and both countries have lots.

    either way, i got both lonely planets guides.

  4. costa rica sounds amazing. Don't tell sylvia, she'll be hiding in your suitcases if she finds out!