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Monday, October 30, 2006

i wish i had stories for you. stories of the wild and crazy parties i went to, or the wild and crazy things i did this weekend. i don't. for the most part i stayed home. i was in need of a nothing weekend and i got it.

friday night we went out for pho and then stopped by m&m to talk to some mazda people. the pho was amazing. my chopstick skills were absent. in my defense i was super hungry and needed to just shovel the food in. and so i did.

and then we went home. i knit.

189_8902 (Medium)

j quested - wow. we're the ultimate partiers.

this blog is boring.

saturday we partied though. we partied like we were 50! j's dad turned 50 (happy birthday!) and we had dinner and cake at j's grandparent's house. it was nice and relaxing.

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sprinkle in some random shopping and some scarf losing and that's my weekend.

but we have plans. we're both getting in the live to work rut and aren't happy about it. we have some ideas of how to change this and how to make ourselves happier but it will take some adjusting.

for now i will try and concentrate on making myself happy and possibly running again and eating better. sounds easy.....


  1. I wouldn't worry about feeling boring because in a couple of months you'll automatically feel interesting again - there's nothing like moving to stir up your life. Bye bye old routine!

    Pho again - you guys are pho fiends! Have you ever tried making it yourself? It's not that hard, you just have to get a few special ingredients like fish sauce. Don't ask how they make fish sauce though, and *definitely* don't spill any anywhere.

  2. i was thinking about that, making it at home. we want to start making more and better meals at home. maybe pho is something to try.

    i don't want to know ANYthing about fish sauce.

  3. Hey Batman! I don't think it's only you feeling the 'live to work' rut... nor may it be this at all. The change in the weather has us all facing that need-for-transition feeling.

    The fall may be absolutely gorgeous, but it's also full of the 'blahs' (maybe to some extent we all suffer from SAD?). Anyhoo - I highly encourage Me-Time and I'm glad that you had a quiet weekend to yourself and a few low-key activities! What definitely helps me is the more active stuff - such as the volleyball (you Superstar you!)

  4. k2, when i read your comment yesterday i wasn't feeling so great about volleyball and how i've been playing, but i feel much better after last night!

    i'm thinking that we are probably all affected by the weather and the time change and other environmental things, but it sucks. i'm thinking of maybe going tanning a couple of times or something. i know it's not good for me but it feels so goooood.