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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

i wasn't joking

in yesterday's post, i wasn't kidding when i said i was bruised. see:

157_5765 (Medium)

you thought i was joking, right? it's weird though, the bruises are only on my right arm. both arms hurt though and i'm convinced the bruises just aren't visible everywhere else. what pain!

and to never again have cut up knees from volleyball i went out and bought knee pads. i've never had actual volleyball knee pads and was worried that they would be super expensive. not the case. they were under $20. i didn't even get air miles.

i'm figuring that the guy helping me must have thought i was a lesbian though. don't get me wrong, i know lots of lesbians and don't have a problem with them, i'm just not a lesbian. but anyways, i went in to the sports store wearing joggers and a sweatshirt with my skates. gave them to another guy to get them sharpened and then asked the first guy where the knee pads were. i think the only thing that could have made it worse was if i told him i played baseball too. or if my girlfriend was with me.

hey, it was like when sj and i used to go grocery shopping together, dressed in a similar way. i'm convinced the cashier thought we were a drunk lesbian couple. drunk because we were always laughing at something and maybe swaying... with hunger of course. we had a good laugh about that. every time.

remember how rolo plays hockey - and by plays hockey, i mean to say he likes to sit on my bag - well he was at it again last night only this time he was yelling at the rest of us the whole time. it was strange but funny.


  1. if your hockey bag was anything like most hockey bags I've ever seen, maybe he was yelling because of the smell...

    wow - I thought volleyballs were relatively soft. Apparently I was wrong!

  2. You're such a trooper Batman! How's the rest of the body holding up???

  3. i'm good. my hockey gloves hurt my forearms a little just the way they are, but i'm okay otherwise.

    thankfully the weather was bad today cause i was going to go running. now that can wait until tomorrow or friday.