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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

how is it possible?

i don't get how the weeks and months can fly by but then a single morning at work can feel like three days crammed into one. how it is already almost halloween? why is it dark when i get up in the morning? there's a time change soon and that will help with the morning darkness but it won't stop the days from flying by. hmmm.

yesterday after work was like a black hole for me. we got home and then i had to go to volleyball. but really, i had three hours at home. i didn't eat, i didn't do anything. i was a little beyond hungry at volleyball and only survived because k2 went and got me a granola bar thingy. she's a life saver. at volleyball, i had some good plays and i had some bad plays. some really bad plays. plays where everyone was laughing. at me. it was unfortunate. but then i had some really good plays and everyone was happy (on my team, everyone on the other team just had a point scored against them). i was having trouble concentrating.

but then i realized that maybe i play sports because for that hour or those two hours i don't think about anything. i just play. or maybe it's just because i always have played. we'll never know.

i'm definitely feeling the urge to start running and then i remember how gross and wet it is outside and nix that idea. i can have a soft belly for the winter, can't i?

you don't want to read more rambling, do you? okay bye.


  1. Rambling is important... it's a form of catharsis :P

  2. this whole blog is a form of catharsis (which i had to look up by the way...) and is definitely my outlet. you only think i'm writing for you. un uh, it's alllll for me.

    [insert evil laugh here]