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Friday, October 27, 2006

how did this happen?

all of a sudden i haven't blogged for two days. i love it when my friends, and people i don't know but still feel like i know, blog every day. just so that i have something to read. and then i don't. i do have some excuses but i won't bore you with those. because i finally have pictures!!

like i said last post, j and i went to our new place wednesday morning for the electrical walkthrough so we were able to take pictures in the house without being illegal (we signed a contract saying we would stay off the property unless we were with an urbandale representative).

cement truck pouring porches:
189_8901 (Medium)

this is actually the house next to ours but i like the truck.

we love all the windows (we added two.) living room (with fireplace):
188_8895 (Medium)

we are positive this is where the cats will hang out most of the time. we'll be putting their cat hotel (aka cat perch (am i spelling that right?)) in the corner there.

dinning room:
188_8894 (Medium)

go to my flickr page for all the pictures. and leave comments - i love comments!

okay, enough about the house for today. i could go on and on and on and on and on but i won't.

we went out for pho last night. we really like the little place right near us called pho thi. it's new and clean and always busy and no one ever laughs at me for being a complete spaz with chopsticks. it's amazing that the food actually gets to my mouth. that didn't stop me from stuffing my face though and being content for hours.

i managed to get a bunch of knitting done last night. i'm working on a pink basket weave scarf for eve's pretty in pink contest. hopefully i will be done soon.

anyways, it's almost halloween and i've been invited to two parties this weekend and a family dinner/party thing. i personally don't much like dressing up so i'll be at the family thing where i can be myself.

oh! this is a reminder to myself really: there's a sale on prints at so print your pictures!


  1. wow, it's sure coming along! can it get more exciting? I bet they make people sign the contract to keep them from pitching a tent in the front yard out of pure excitement.

    I think pho is the new fast-food craze. It's pretty healthy, it's pretty cheap and it's everywhere now, apparently. The only difficulty, as you mentioned - the chopsticks. There has only been one time that the waiter brought me a fork, saying "you look like you need this" and I took it from him, thanked him, and placed it on the table. I'll have none of that snooty attitude, thank you! Seriously, he was just trying to help but I figured that if I'm that bad, I need all the practice I can get...

    p.s. cat perch seems to be spelled correctly as far as I'm concerned, although I prefer to call it a cat tree. You could, however, safely remove an 'n' from dining room. ;-)

  2. i thought it looked weird when i typed it. oops!

    i think the contract thingy is more of a liability thing. they leave nails and sharp things all over the place, plus i suppose things could fall from above. anyways, they don't want you on "their" property.

  3. Did you know that the term 'spaz' actually comes from the German word 'Spass', which means 'fun'? ;)

    So really, it's okay to be a spaz! :D

  4. right, liability. I keep forgetting that people need to be protected from themselves.

    "I was walking in broken glass in my sandals and I cut my foot, so I'm suing you because you didn't post a sign saying it was sharp"

    These are the same people that need to be told that you should *not* use the iron to press clothes while they are being worn, and that you should *not* use the hairdryer while in the bathtub.

    p.s. I know that there are many legitimate ways to accidentally hurt yourself on a construction site.

  5. The house is looking great!!