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Monday, October 16, 2006

friday saturday sunday


i had plans to go out friday. i really did. for real! but i didn't go out. i didn't see the baseball game i wanted to see and i didn't go to the bar i wanted to go to. sad really.

what i did do was sit on the couch with my cats and knit while watching the last episode of season 2 of grey's anatomy. and then i watched all the bonus material. now i have to catch up on the episodes from this season that i've already missed.

i did get something accomplished though friday night. i knit a toque. it's pink and it's very wee. wee enough to fit my cats perfectly. do preemies come this small?

158_5802 (Medium)

i followed the pattern for a toque that should have fit my head. and i don't even have a big head but this will never fit my head. so i'm going to donate it and just keep my fingers crossed that babies are actually that small. what do you think?


i had plans to help a friend move on saturday. i really did. for real! (deja vu?) but i didn't help her. instead j and i ran around all day. we put gas in the car, we went looking for a coat for me, we got cat litter, we had wendy's, we checked out the new house (no change, but shingles soon!), we got j a winter coat.... and then we were cranky. honestly cranky.

so i took a nap.

sleeping is the best way to be when you're cranky. and while i was sleeping j went out to tag ball with our friends for matt's birthday (happy birthday, matt! hope you like your card!) i woke up two hours later in the dark by myself. the crankiness had passed.

so i went shopping.

i went to michael's to check out the big yarn sale and was mega disappointed. but they had scrapbooking stuff on sale too so i bought some markers and some random things and then went downtown to meet j and friends at elgin street diner. we ate and were merry.

and then we went home.

i watched over the hedge while j played wow. over the hedge was funny. i also worked on my red scarf.


sunday we were supposed to get groceries. didn't. instead we hung around all "morning" (aka early afternoon) until richard and tania came over for some stenciling fun. my freezer paper stenciling fun was finally here! richard used a pumpkin carving template for a halloween shirt (picture on his blog) and tania used an abigram of her name (picture on her blog). i made a shark stencil and put it on a white canvas bag. i really liked how it turned out. i didn't take a picture yet so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

stenciling took longer than i thought it would and i hardly had time to shower and eat before rounding up the scrapbooking girls and heading out to barrhaven. i had so little time that i actually forgot my book and had to go home to get it.

and when i was heading back to barrhaven i almost hit a pedestrian. i was a little shaken up and pissed but i won't bother you with that story.

i managed to get two pages done on my wedding album. i'm happy with that. two pages a week isn't bad, especially when all i wanted to do was knit.

speaking of knitting, i found out last week that there's a knitting group at work. they meet wednesdays at lunch. i'm looking forward to my first meet this week.

and now it's monday.


  1. That is a wee toque. Even if it's too smal for a kid, I'm sure some toddler would love to have a pink hat for her doll or teddy bear. Donate it anyway.

    Was the freezer stencilling everything you hoped it would be? Judging by the results that richard and tania acheived, I would say yes.

    Can you believe it's monday already? Did we even have a weekend?

  2. Sandy doesn't look too happy to be wearing that hat :D

    Thanks again for the stenciling fun - I see all kinds of new projects in my near future!

  3. You simply must send that picture in with a caption to MyCatHatesYou

    She looks really ticked.

    Preemie babies definitely have little wee noggins that would fit the hat. Try the NICU at one of the local hospitals. I'll bet they could use it.