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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

did i get beat up?

we had our first volleyball game last night. my arms were red and ouchy after 10 minutes. now they're bruised and hurting. honestly. bruised.

i'm really impressed with the level of play. it's better than i've ever played so i'm a little out of my league but i am sure that i will get better. at least i can serve.

we played 4 sets and i sat out the first. i had a hard time getting used to the rotation. we're playing 5-1 and i'm playing right side. this basically means that i'm opposite the setter and i get to hit offside when i'm in the front row. i hit left handed so this is perfect.

except i don't remember how to hit.

so after the game one of the girls showed me a couple of things that made complete sense so i'm going to try and hit like that. before my arms get better i'm going to practice the approach with the jump (watch out, kitties!) and then outside with a ball. once i get used to the rotation and can hit, i think i'll be set.

and on the family side of things, we finally sorted out all of our dinners and our schedule for thanksgiving weekend. i'm already looking forward to monday when we have the day off. is that bad?


  1. FRQSTR=19274135x147384:1:1440|19274135|19274135|19274135|19274135October 3, 2006 at 1:37 PM

    You might be a little bruised there superstar, but you did SUCH a GREAT job last night. I knew how concerned you were - but I wasn't worried at all, and you proved that there was no reason to be. I'm glad that you had a good time - and I'm looking forward to a great season with your stellar self!

  2. thanks, t.

    have you seen how your name comes up when you post from work?