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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

catching up to saturday

(scroll down and read friday's post first)

remember that i was looking forward to sleeping in? all was going according to plan until 8am. i was sleeping away until i woke up to the sweet sounds of rolo puking on me. honestly, i opened my eyes as he was starting to puke. i hurled (hurled? get it?) myself into a sitting position and managed to escape actually getting puked on but the bed wasn't so lucky.

and you know that half-awake i-just-almost-got-puked-on feeling? well, i was a little dazed and knew one thing - that i didn't want to sleep in puke but that i was definitely going to sleep more. so j, the great guy that he is, went and cleaned up the puke on the floor (one just isn't enough for little rolo) and then put a towel down on the bed and took my side. my hero! so we slept all out of whack on the wrong sides of the bed until noon.

when i got up to pee i noticed all the dried puke on my sleeve. i hadn't been as quick as i thought. gross. needless to say everything got washed. at least we got clean bed out of the deal and my day could only get better.

activity #1: the arboretum
j and i acted like tourists and took the camera to the arboretum. i had never actually been so i was really happy to have the opportunity to walk around in the warmer-than-expected weather.

186_8643 (Medium)

we saw tons of people and dogs and ducks and geese. there was even one wedding.

activity #2: the new house
we had some time before our next activity so we went to our new place. we now have windows.

view from the front
186_8682 (Medium)

and back
186_8675 (Medium)

we also walked to the edges of our lot in the back to get an idea of the property size and are happy with the bigness.

activity #3:
this activity was actually planned. we were all supposed to be at vik's parent's house at 4 because vik was going to propose to his girlfriend karen and wanted us all to be there when she said yes. it seemed kinda weird to me but it worked out well for them.

we were all hiding in the house waiting and finally they pulled in and vik did his thing.
186_8694 (Medium)

and then the party got started. there was lots of champagne and food and cake. but we couldn't stay too long.

activity #4:
we had to head back for thanksgiving dinner with j's family. it ended up just being j's grandparents, sj and us. the food was amazing and we ate lots. second turkey dinner done.

activity #5:
after a quick stop at home we went downtown for an apartment-warming party for chris and joe.

157_5771 (Medium)

there were so many funny things that happened. richard ate a whole plate of celery, a girl showed up and was constantly thrusting her chest out (i said 'thrusting' for a reason), the elevator door wouldn't close... and lots of other things that i can't remember. it was a good night.

for some reason the party died down right when the bars were closing so there was a lot of traffic when we were leaving the parking garage. we got home in one piece and fell into bed. i was hoping that i would get an actual sleep in without being puked on.......


  1. The house is looking AWESOME!!!

  2. a whole plate of celery? how big was the plate?

  3. thanks tania. it's nice to see it coming along. plus it will be home. soon enough.

    kelly, it was like a regular dinner plate full of celery. and he ate it all and then went looking for more. i don't know what celery does to your body but i'm sure he now does.

  4. I have also eaten an entire plate of beans while vacationing in Cuba.