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Thursday, October 12, 2006

bits and bobs

i've had pretty focused posts lately and i need a random post where i can throw everything out there. plus i have no more pictures to show you.

j and i are going to see deep sea at the imax tonight. i got the idea from tania's blog and am really excited to go. i have a feeling it's going to leave me wanting more though since a lot of my courses in university showed films that were very in depth about the species and the ecosystems. i just found out that it's narrated by johnny depp and kate winslet so that should be interesting.

i'm surprised it's not morgan freeman.

moving on. it's been really rainy and gray for the past couple of days (can you say we were spoiled with the weather last weekend?) so i've been sluggish. at least we made it into work today on time.

expect more house pictures because we've heard that they've started putting shingles on the roof. we'll probably head out this weekend. i will update you on all the goings-on of the weekend on monday.

i have this nice feeling about money and have this whole month. we decided to pay all of our october bills (minus the ones that get taken directly from our account) early on in the month and so have hardly anything money related to worry about. our last house cheque comes out early next week (the last of the $10,000 down payment) and then we will finally be told the actual price of the house. AND we can start buying the big things like appliances.

i can't wait until we're actually in the new house and we can see how our stuff fits and what it all looks like together (and start buying new things to finish the look... and eventually paint!) we're in a good situation of already living in a house so we have a lot of stuff (no more echoing for us!) but that will just make moving more expensive. i'm rambling.

check out the ViKaren pool on Flickr and email me if you want to join!


  1. AS IF!!! I'm sooo jealous! I haven't even been to see Deep Sea yet :( Hope it's awesome!

    House stuff is super exciting - Dave and I are following every update on your house - and envious that yours will be finished first! ;P

  2. Heya, whoa lots of cool updates! Man, Imanx is so much fun. I ususally spend the film all slack-jawed in awe. How come you're going to find out the price of your house? Up until now it was a range you were dealing with?

    Anyhoo, the t-shrt thing sunds fantastic. I'm going to knit here and try to imagine I'm not toally by myself :-) R's going to Ottawa to pick up the van. Oh, yeah, we're totally getting the van. heh.

    Talk to you later chica