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Monday, October 23, 2006

because you all know it's coming....

... the weekend update.

i hate to do this to you but i never remember to post on the weekend. so you'll just have to put up with a longer post from me. sorry!


since we had thursday off friday wasn't all that bad. plus i got to go out for lunch and that took well over an hour. we went to a little vietnamese place called sweet basil. i had chicken and shrimp over egg noodles. it was good but not filling enough. but it was nice to go out with my new group. i forgot that they don't know me very well and were surprised with all the "what university did you go to?" and "what does your husband do?" questions.

i mentioned to my new boss that i would be taking some holidays in march or april. maybe i'll have indeterminant by then (indeterminant for all you non-government workers is a full time job without a determined end date. right now i'm term and have an end date set for next july) but i'm not counting on it. government moves like molasses.

thursday sleeping in led to a very late thursday night, which led to a rough friday morning, which then led to a huge nap friday after work. and then it was quadruple-date night. we went to glow-in-the-dark mini put with three other couples. i lost. but i always do. it was still fun though. and then we went to kelsey's and i had really really good shrimp pasta alfredo. mmmm.


we slept in saturday (of course) and only got up because the phone rang. we did some shopping and then went to j's grandparent's place for dinner. j's grandfather's two brothers are in town and it was interesting to meet them. and as always the food was great.

then we went downtown. we met a bunch of people at pier 21, a random bar with a strange mix of people and i proceeded to drink lots of beer. for unknown reasons we left that bar and went to a strange grunge bar that smelled like smoke and didn't have anywhere to sit. we drank gross beer out of huge bottles. after that we went to chris' apartment and vlatko showed me how to draw faces. i need some practice.

we got home and i slept. i slept hard.


again with the being woken up by the phone sunday morning. somehow j can actually get himself out of bed when the phone rings. not i. i did lie in bed looking out at the snow though. snow! in october! before halloween! eeep.

we stayed in all day. i knit while we watched the wild. i had the girls over for scrapbooking and sj stopped by.


tonight is volleyball. my blisters are at the point where i can bear to have shoes on but i'm not overly thrilled with it. hockey tomorrow night will be the big test. a demain!

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  1. Hey Batman - I love coming in to work on Monday's because I get such a lively weekend update :) Keep'em coming!