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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

and the betties take the gold!

my volleyball team is called the bumpin' betties. we won last night. we lost the first two sets and came back by winning the last three. it felt awesome. and my arms aren't bruised and i don't think they will be. good times.

i got home around 10:30 and still needed to do groceries. so we did. i have carrots and yogurt and crackers again. life is good.

except i'm dead tired. you know when you wake up and it's still gray outside and you've been having nightmares and you've slept in a little too long and you really just wish you could stay in bed until tomorrow? well that was me this morning. yuck.

and at work, i recently switched groups. this is after a month of part timing in two groups, i've finally made the move. and i don't have a lot of work yet so i was reading and found molecular expressions by davidson. take a minute to look at some of the art. do you drink strawberry daiquiris in the summer? this is what they look like under the microscope. how about a rum and coke? (from the cocktail section but there are so many others so check it out!)

i still don't have any pictures of my shark bag to show you (out of sight out of mind you know) and no more knitting to report. in my defense, the beginning of the week is heavy on the sports. i did decide to donate my pink hat to charity and that qualifies me for eve's pretty in pink contest. if you knit, this is one of the easiest contests ever so head over there and check it out.

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