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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

where is the sun?

i would have been much less cranky had there been sun this weekend. as it was, i found myself feeling gloomy for no reason.

despite my downdedness i did have a good weekend. i got home from work friday to find j at home. he had gone windsurfing at britannia beach and expected to be out there much longer. so that was nice. we packed up the car and stopped by m&m before heading out of town. m&m is actually a tim horton's parking lot where people with cars gather every friday night. i kid you not. and now that we belong to a car club we go. not every friday, but a lot of fridays. we had to collect money as it were.

so we pull up, car fully loaded with cottage gear and windsurfer (the board is 8 feet long and on roofracks), and park beside that guy. you know the one with the black car with super dark black tint, green underglow lights with the stereo pumping out bass (which should be "base" in my opinion, just like "mic" should be "mike", anyways). at one point i went to the car to grab something and orlando or whatever his name was told me that he liked the setup. i wasn't sure if he was making fun of the fact that a car with roofracks dared park beside him or if he somehow knew that the car is actually turboed and has other stuff done to it. but no, he was talking about the windsurfer. i personally would be surprised if this guy could swim let alone windsurf but i am not one to judge.

so cottage. right. we got there just before midnight. i managed to screw up my knitting in the car so i only got a couple of rows done. we went to bed almost right away (i had a stressful day at work okay!)

and then we slept. i slept for a solid 12 hours. and that didn't even mean i couldn't nap during the day. oh no, i napped. for two hours. i am the sleep champion! so anyways, j went windsurfing and i sat on the beach:
183_8383 (Medium)
does that look like a happy girl to you? it was cold. it wasn't sunny and it was windy. at least the cold weather means that that ginormous spider from earlier in the summer wasn't there.

we decided to head home that night because the crappy weather and the lack of things left to do. i left my cookies in the cupboard.

i rented the first season of grey's anatomy and watched 7 episodes while j was out doing something. why haven't i been following grey's anatomy? i love it! just what i need: another show to chain me to my television. but really, i like it. i just need to see last season and i'll be all caught up.

sunday was my family bbq party thingy. it was my dad's side and it was a good time. i even went to a barn and pet (patted?) a horse. it felt remarkably like our cats.

j and i went out to the house and found that the foundation has been poured! and there are fence posts up for the privacy fence (we back onto a road) so next time we're there (hopefully in daylight) we'll be able to see our whole lot and tell how big it is.
September 3rd.. 156_5690 (Medium)

moday was our bonus day off. i went to see my parents and brother in kanata and then convinced j to try pho. there's a new pho place right near our house. we went. he was brave and tried a beef and shrimp spicey soup. he was sweating buckets by the end of it. i had my vermicelli and was happy as a clam. but i'm proud of him for branching out and trying it. he even drank some of the lemongrass tea. impressive!

i watched a bunch of stupid tv and started my sock. the needles are so puny and annoying, but i think i'm getting the hang of it. i screwed up in the ribbing (the very first bit) so i decided to try all the elements so i'm already at the heel but there's less than 3 inches of sock before the heel. get it? the cats were a big help. i had a hard time watching prison break because of the concentration required with such small everything.


  1. I'm surprised that J hadn't ever tried pho. Apparently it's the new thing to do as there are pho restaurants popping up all over the place. It's super easy to make at home too, just requires some time and a few special ingredients (fish sauce being the most important one - don't ask how they make it) . Also, you need two large mixing bowls to eat it out of, otherwise the experience isn't authentic. Pho is the only thing I've ever eaten where the 'small' size actually came close to filling me up. I don't think I could even finish a large bowl.

  2. Yay you're back! I was sad for a minute there. What pattern are you using for your socks?

  3. i got a free pattern with the wool from patons. i don't understand it and ripped out what i had so far. i'm searching the internet for well-explained patterns. i like the idea of a toe-up pattern because i have rather long feet and wouldn't want to run out of wool before reaching optimum length.

    i've seen wendy's generic toe-up pattern and think i will try that tonight. i'll use the figure 8 cast-on.

    any recommendations? i just want a basic pattern that will teach me the general idea of knitting a sock.