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Monday, September 25, 2006

volleyball begins

get it? batman begins... the movie? get it? okay great!

i know i know. two posts in one day when i forget about you for a whole weekend. truth is i didn't forget about blogging this weekend, i just wasn't ready. i wasn't feeling it. cause you know, with the gems i churn out, it takes time. ha!

so we had our first volleyball game tonight. only it was cancelled. so we had a meeting instead. but it was good because i got to meet everyone (organizing 7 girls is much easier than 12. just sayin) and everyone got to try on our jerseys. i'm a small (useLESS info i know) but my belly might show a little if i have to block or stretch at all. oh well.

i'm feeling much better about it, less nervous, now that i've met everyone and they seem nice. i may still suck but i can only get better.

in other news (i'm amy poeller) tania has a blog. i'm not sure how i missed this but i did. but now i'm on board. i even commented. first one! welcome blogland and thanks for your comments.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. please don't use my name. i go by batman.


    and if anyone can figure out how to edit/delete comments, please let me know. i can't find it anywhere.

  3. this website tells you how to remove comments. I don't know if it works, I haven't ever done this.


    Good for you - an ounce of prevention and all that.

  4. i'm not using a template through blogger so i don't have that little trash can icon. so i'm lost.

  5. I'm so sorry - I'm new to this blog thing... guess i'm not up on the etiquette. :O

  6. sorry tania, that came across very harsh. i'm not mad or anything.

    i don't know any etiquette, i don't use my name so that my family wouldn't find this blog but that went down the pipes.. now it's just how it is.

  7. No worries! I didn't think it was harsh at all ... I just can't believe I was so absent-minded as to not even consider your privacy! It's all good...

  8. where did you get the template that you're using? Did you make it from scratch? Maybe you can send me a copy and I can try to modify it to revive the trashcan. Just copy-paste to notepad and save it as a text file, then attach it to an email to me.

    if you want. I won't care if you'd rather not mess with the template.

    another option would be to save the template you've got somewhere (again, the text file), load a default blogger template, trash the comment, reload your custom template. That should work too.

    you can still send me email though. I like email.

    ok I re-read your comment and you say you're not using a template at all. What are you doing? I'm like curious george.

  9. nono, i am using a template, just not a template blogger provides. there's a link at the bottom of my blog. click on blogger templates. mine is K2 i believe but it's been long enough that i can't remember. it looks the same minus a couple of little things... well, now that i'm looking more closely, one of the "little things" includes how the comments are shown. hmm...

    for every template there is a comment section and many people have asked how to delete comments. usually it's as easy as hitting the trash can. i've never had one.

    i'll email you my template though and you can poke around in there if you have any time.

  10. alan, you're my hero! i can now delete comments (sorry tania, but yours had to go!) though i'm pretty lucky and don't receive any spam or nasty comments.

  11. I'm glad it worked!

    for all those wondering, the solution was to make sure that there's a BlogCommentDeleteIcon tag inside the BlogItemComments block. There are angle brackets and dollar signs in the tag but I haven't included them here because I didn't want to mess up the page accidentally by including them in the comment body.