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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the week is dragging its feet

is anyone else having an excruciatingly long week? be over already! why isn't it friday yet? honestly.

let me tell you about my sad night last night. it started out well with a huge long nap (good). and then i missed hockey (bad). and then i had a cookie (good). and then i went to the walk-in clinic because i was positive i had an ear infection (bad). saw the doctor who told me to swallow more to clear up clogged, but not infected, ear (good, kinda). but it was the dopey doctor (bad). then i got myself mcdonalds because i didn't want to cook (yummy, but bad). j went to the gym (good) but i stayed home, ate my mcfood and watched my mctv on my mcfat ass (bad). my ear spontaneously stopped hurting (good). i went to bed early, despite napping (good).

and that about sums it up. i'm feeling better today though. maybe i won't need to sleep the whole evening and night away. i have things to do.

with all of our friends buying up houses and actually getting the keys and moving in, our still-ridiculously-far-away closing date seems silly but is very good for saving up money. now, if only we knew how much money we will need. and so my tasks for the night include many a call. call #1: bank lady, and if that doesn't work, call #2: house lady. call #3: lawyer, cause we need to finalize some papers we signed two weeks ago. three calls. okay, that's not too bad.

maybe we can squeeze some grocery-getting and some vegetable-cutting in there too. and, if i'm really lucky, some costco-patronizing. if the membership was in my name WE (aka me. just me. me alone.) would go more often. thankfully payday is today so we have cash... unless it's already been moved by the saving-nazi (aka j). it's one thing to have money and feel good about savings and all that, but it's quite another to squirrel away all of your dispensable income so you live paycheque-to-paycheque like hobos (because i am really that hard-done-by).

and there you have it: the post of impossible dashes and brackets.
*batman bowing for the applauding crowd*

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  1. it's as if it's the longest week ever.... and it's still not over!