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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sporty mcsporterson

i got on a hockey team and i start tonight. tonight! my gear has been gathering dust and spiders in the basement for a year and a half and i'm supposed to play? tonight?

a girl from my ball team found this league and told me about it last week. it took until last night to get ahold of the league coordinator to find out that there are still spots available, but in order to play in playoffs i have to play tonight.

specs: it's an intramural league organized by the gloucester women's hockey association. there are games every tuesday night between 6:30 and 10:30pm at carleton university. it only runs until the new year so is kind of expensive but i am so excited. SO excited!

my team's leader contacted me today and i was able to ask her some questions by email. sounds like it's pretty laid back and fun and i should fit in skill-wise.

so it looks like my winter, at least until the new year (so shall we call it fall?), will have me playing volleyball monday nights, hockey tuesday night, knitting one night and scrapbooking at least one night. j is wondering when i will see him in all of this. j, the great part about living together is that you get to see me from the minute i get home until the minute i leave. if you really miss me you can even watch me sleep, unless that gets too creepy. i've said to much.


  1. I bet Sylvia knows how j feels. And she's heard the same thing from me.

    Sylvia: I never see you!
    Me: We live together! How is that possible?

    Hope you have time to sharpen those skates before the game... have fun!

  2. I saw an ad for a Fall Ultimate Frizbee League by my bus stop.

    Apparently they will play every Monday night in a field near the bus stop. I'm trying to figure out if this is worth doing. As far as I'm concerened, fall is mostly over, and since the league is just starting I'm not sure if there will be a game next week.

    The league costs $20, and to be honest I don't know where this money is going. The games are in a field and there is no ref. The only piece of equipment is a frizbee, which costs about $10.

  3. richard, my guess is that they are cash prizes for the winning team or possibly the money goes towards jerseys or charity. i think that's how these things generally work. plus, ultimate can go real late in the year, probably until almost december.