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Thursday, September 21, 2006

sock knitting - am i ever glad this isn't a knitting blog... you would all be so disappointed in me

last night i knit and knit and knit some more. i'm knitting away on my first ever sock. i got the cheapest sock yarn they had since this is my see-if-i-actually-like-knitting-socks pair of socks and it's ug-mo! check it out:

157_5759 (Medium)

from this picture you can also tell the following:
a) i wear comfy clothes at home (jogging pants and a sweatshirt)
b) i use blankets, yes, not one blanket, but two blankets, because i am cold-blooded
c) i sometimes wear pink
d) rolo (far left) was being good and let me knit; sandy (off camera, on the floor) had just fallen off the couch
e) i still have a long way to go on my ug-mo socks as they will now be known

anyone want socks for christmas? they're ugly! no? okay fine.

the biggest loser started last night, to my surprise. we had actually gotten home from work, i made a mazillion phone calls like planned, and then we went for dinner at j's grandparent's place. so when we got home and i bunkered down on the couch (with my jogging pants, kitties, knitting and blankets) i was happily surprised to find biggest loser on.

but it wasn't that great. and i found myself watching america's next top model more for that hour. it wasn't that great either(but it never is). what's happening to me? am i moving on in my likes for tv? i'm currently in love with grey's anatomy, which is on tonight conveniently, but i'm not even all that concerned that we missed prison break on monday and still have yet to see it. i'm evolving.

that's an interesting word. last night we watched a documentary (and then a discussion about the documentary) about religion and acts of terrorism (there was much more to it, but that gives you an idea). the studio audience had a lively discussion afterwards and both j and i love the show's host who acted as mediator. he was quick and witty but also very smart and asked provocative questions. in my opinion, the woman from the united church was very well-spoken BUT she, and everyone else who spoke more than once, repeated their arguments over and over.

you must know by now that i hate confrontation and dislike strongly discussing religion and/or politics because, while i generally have opinions (generally but not always), i don't like arguing and don't think i'm a stellar debator. that doesn't mean i don't like watching other people debate on the tv where i can yell at them all i want and tell them i think they're stupid and that they've said the same thing 6 times.

the next documentary and debate happens next wednesday and the topic is global warming. i was saddened to see that david attenborough had thrown his weight behing global warming. he was the cornerstone of every good documentary i saw in my four years of sciencey undergrad. he told me that fig trees are parasitic and showed me the variety of life in the canopy of rainforests and taught me about whale communication. he even took me way down to the darkest depths of the ocean and gave me nightmares about lantern fish (watch nemo - that scary guy actually exists!)

i don't personally know what to believe about global warming. i have learned that the earth's temperature is cyclical. that much i know for sure. whether humans are actually affecting the cycle, or speeding it towards the hot end, i don't know and i don't think anyone knows for sure. we weren't around for the last greenhouse age (ice age = cold, greenhouse age = hot). we don't know what it was like for certain.

either way, to have someone as important as david attenborough put himself so squarley behind something so not clearly factual is weird for me.

and that is that.

in non-philosophical news, we bought a joint birthday present for j's parents. we will be sending it off tomorrow so you can open it together (no peaking on the plane!) i hope you like it!

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  1. knitbloggers are amazing people. they churn out scarves, sweaters, cabled pieces, etc. in the time it takes me to make coffee. i work on the same projects for months (years if you count my first blanket which took me 4 years of on-again-off-again knitting).

    i'm glad i'm not known for my knitting, because, like the title says, knitbloggers would NOT be impressed with my sparse knitting content and general remedial-style knitting.

    but there is something so comforting about K1, P1, K1, P1 over and over and over. keeps the hands busy.