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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

new hair cut!

i did it. i chopped off my hair again:

184_8457 (Medium)

i'm really happy with it, but i haven't showered yet and had to deal with it. i'm guessing it won't look half as good as it does right now. but j likes it and i'm happy it's shorter. it probably won't be great for volleyball but i'll figure it out.

oh we also went out to the house and saw that they've framed the second story:

September 27.. 185_8528 (Medium)

it is so much more real now that there is something physical. but soon enough all the changes will be inside where we can't see them. that will pass more slowly i think. i could be wrong.

okay, i wasn't going to write about this but i posted some pictures on flickr that might have you guessing. i had j take pictures of me in my wedding dress. it felt wrong, BUT like i told you already, i'm taking the dress in to hopefully sell it and i wanted some better pictures. the pictures are for me.

here is my favourite picture of me, possibly ever:
184_8496 (Medium)

(thanks to alan for helping me with my comment situation. i can now delete comments whenever i want.)



    Man oh man, just today I was thinking I'd like to chop off all my hair again too, all I need is to make an appointment, though I know I'm crap at sorting that out. Anyway, excellent job. I htink it look sgreat. And another level on your house! And here we were all excited to have a nook area for the kittly litter ;-) I'm so happy for you two.

    You are very photogenic Batman, that's great :-) Good luck with the dress selling.

    The Cap'n

  2. You look very nice in that picture - I can definitely see why it's your favourite. Too bad the dress has to go but realistically you're not going to use it again so you might as well let someone else enjoy it....

    captain_underpants, how did you get away with keeping all your hair when R got rid of all of his?

  3. Hey, my other comment never posted. Blasted computers! Anyway, AWESOME hair cut Batman, it looks wonderful and is inspiring me to do the same. You can use your hair straightener after you show if you want :-) Beautiful.

    Love the wedding pic too. You got another use out of your dress, good stuff. Good luck with the selling.


  4. Hmm, so it looks like I'm spamming your comments. Anyway, I guess I really mean that I like your haircut!

    And Alan, it definitely felt funny to have the longer hair...even still I look at him and think 'holy cow!'. Hooray for dramatic changes. Who wants to get a tattoo?? Just kidding.

  5. looks great, batman! (I got it right this time :D)

  6. hey thanks everyone. i'm happy with my hair.. still getting used to it, but it's nice to have it shorter again.

    and i vow to try my hair straightener. i have had it for 6 months now. maybe i'm a wee bit scared.