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Sunday, September 17, 2006

j's weekend birthday bonanza

happy 25th birthday, j! now you can't make fun of me for being old... at least not until january.

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here's what went down. friday, j's actual birthday, was also his compressed day off. being the nice girlfriend that i am i took the day off too (can you say selfish??) so we slept in like it was our job. then we did lots and lots of little things. i gave him his present (i actually left it in the bathroom where i knew he would see it so i wouldn't forget (see nice girlfriend above)), we went out and bought his other present, he got his hair cut, we saw his grandmother, and we went out for pho.

and then the night began. we met some friends out at the heart and crown.

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and proceeded to consume 9 pitchers of keiths and one round of 50 (not me thankfully) and j was given two or three shots. the best quote from the night:

"i'm not focusing. there's no point."

needless to say there was some puking when we got home, but what birthday is complete without too much alcohol and a little puke? honestly.

saturday we again slept in like it was our job. j woke up still drunk. we were just hanging out when someone knocked on the door. it was my parents who came to give j his present. we also gave my mom her present while max tried to make friends with our cats through the screen door. it didn't go well.

j did yardwork and i cleaned the kitchen and then we went to get our license plate sticker. we ended up staying in that night just watching random tv and eating cake. but the birthday weekend continues with dinner tonight with the guys (for julie's birthday too - happy birthday, julie!) and dinner tomorrow night with his family. it never ends.

(welcome to blogland, special k!)

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