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Thursday, September 14, 2006

hockey, knitting, tee-shirt making and partying

so hockey was good. it felt kind of not good being back on my skates because they had some dull spots along the blades and almost made me wipe out a couple of times. the level of play in the league is definitely lower than i expected, though i should have had some clue when my team leader (manager essentially) said that we had a good team because everyone knew how to stop. it's slow and ugly, but that works to my advantage because everyone thinks i'm really good. i won't get any better but i'll be on the ice. overall i think it's worth it.

but now i'm thinking i should drop my gym membership. i have been approximately one times in the past two months. paying for something i'm not using. smart. maybe i'll do that tomorrow.

last night i picked up some wool and some needles and tried, over and over, to do the magic cast-on for a pair of toe-up socks. let me tell you why i love the idea of making socks toe-up: i have extremely loooong feet. making a pair of socks starting at the top with a limited amount of wool is flirting with disaster. they might not be long enough for my skis, errr, feet. toe-up will allow me to make them long enough in the feet and continue on until i have no yarn left. perfect. so i'm learning this very impressive method, though i've modified it a little (and that makes me sound like a knitter-extraordinaire, but alas, i am not. i am knitter-lazyous-and-cheaperdoo and do not have the required needles) and am quite pleased that i am able to achieve the same result using three double-pointed needles instead of the boggling four. i am inventive!

after playing with that while j napped on the couch "watching" spongebob, i scarfed down some chicken with rice (which sounds like a flavour of catfood, but i assure you was people food) and headed over to grace o'malleys. our coach from the summer signed himself up for the army and is off to boot camp tomorrow. we got him all liquored up (for free! thanks to our sponsorship deal with the bar) and said nice things. i was home by 11.

this has been a long week thanks to the wedding show last weekend. so i've decided to take tomorrow off. a present to me (time off work, duh) and a birthday present for j (i like to think). i just have to run it by the boss.

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