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Friday, September 29, 2006


the plan was to sell the wedding dress. what really happened was that we found the place, went in and had dress inspected, were turned down and left dejectedly, and then treated ourselves to pho.

not just any pho. pho nam. i would suggest none of you ever go there. it wasn't so bad inside, nice and roomy... and empty. that should have been the first indication. but there was music so we chatted away. until one of the guys came out from the back and got on the phone (they mustn't have a phone in the back) and started yelling and swearing about people dying and how this guy better get his *ss to the restaurant right now because somebody's gonna die tonight. you die, i die, i don't care. somebody's gonna die [all with a chinese accent... and throw in the usual swear words - j does a great impression]. so he finally hangs up and goes and sits by the window. we're stunned and agree that we run if someone shows up with a gun. but we stayed and ate our food. he comes and clears our dishes without a word about his outbursts, like this is usual for a restaurant.

so we decided that pho nam ranks 3rd out of 3 of the pho places we have been togther, but 1st in drama! i might have gone back but that was before i woke up feeling like crap and the feeling has stayed with me the entire day. no thank you.

i leave you with a picture because pictures are fun.

rolo plays hockey just like me:

184_8446 (Medium)


  1. Why did they reject your dress?

  2. there were two marks on it.

    BUT i took it back to the cleaners and they're going to clean it again for free. so we'll see once i get it back and try again.

  3. That's too bad... hope it works out :)