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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

gaining momentum

i feel like i'm gaining momentum at work. i'm getting more and more submissions and am finally pretty busy with my own work. i still have to have someone QC my stuff (new acronym! qc = quality control) so i'm not independent by any means. soon. soooon!

other than that, i guess you could say my life is gaining some momentum as well. now that i've signed myself up for both volleyball and hockey, i have something to do at least two nights a week, and our scrapbooking club is meeting once a week. all i need to do is throw knitting in there and i'll be all set - and busy!

i'm getting my hair cut tonight. i actually made an appointment. this is a first. i haven't quite decided how short to go so i'll guess we'll see what happens. i'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow. i should also have more pictures of the house since we'll be heading out there tonight too.

September 21.. 184_8443 (Medium)

tomorrow night i'm bringing my wedding dress to a shop in town (cedar closet) that sells second-hand dresses. i really hope they'll agree to sell it for me. i'm kinda ashamed for holding on to it for so long. i could have made more girls happy in the time that it sat in my closet. what matters, though, is that i do this now and that's what i'm doing.

i've been super lazy lately and not exercising as much as i should. i don't like how my body is looking so i've decided to start running at lunch at work. today is my first day. i'm going to run and then come back and eat lunch and continue working. wish me luck!


  1. wow, the house is flying up.

    make sure you take pictures of EVERY wall, doorway, etc. that you can before the walls go up. Pay particular attention to places that are supposed to be upgraded/altered from the standard building plan. You'll thank yourself later, especially if you need to fight with the builder about something they did wrong (hopefully not, but it happens a lot)

    Good luck on your lunchtime running program. my lunchtime today involves kraft dinner (18-pack at Costco = amazing)

  2. ha! update: i did run and i feel great!

  3. Hey, we found the kraft dinner cheese powder at bulk barn, it seems to be exactly the same and it's mega cheap, add your own noodles. Whole wheat noodles or the scooby doo's, OR my favourite the tiny little stumpy tubes. You barely need to chew. You can get all the vitamin neon orange you want!

    Anyhoo..good job with th run Batman. I still wish I liked running. Must...find..alternative!