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Friday, September 8, 2006


for a long time now i've wanted to be able to make designs for teeshirts. i like the idea of having unique clothing but if you know me you know that i'm not very good at shopping or spending money or finding clothes that fit. all together i don't have near as many clothes as most girls and when i do find something i like that fits, i usually buy two. different colours, but still two. honestly.

so i was looking at my knitting blogs and came to grumperina's blog. she's a crazy good knitter who's all about the process but her post today was all about stenciling images onto clothing. she has a link describing the process. doesn't sound hard at all and is much cheaper than buying one of those transfer machines. sounds like something i could do!

i already have plenty of ideas and am super excited about the whole prospect of making unique stuff (christmas presents, anyone?) so i'm going to be testing it out on some crappy shirts i have (definition, crappy: shirts that were acquired, ie. free, and are usually much too large for this girl) and see how it goes. there is even a group on flickr dedicated to this method of stenciling called the freezer paper method.

anyone local want to give it a try? i'm thinking sometime next weekend since i'm working all this weekend at the wedding show. that reminds me, if anyone is thinking of getting married and wants to come by the show it's open 10 till 5 and there is no admission charge. check out the website.

i'll leave you with a picture of rolo in a bin:
133_3351 (Medium)


  1. I'd be interested in learning... if you'll have me. :)

  2. I'm all in.

    What do I need to have?

  3. okay, you both need to look for freezer paper in the grocery store cause i didn't see it in mine. i'll go to a couple others, but we can't do anything without it. freezer paper!