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Monday, September 25, 2006

donating vs giving money

you may have seen the signs around town or if you work for the government you definitely know that it is united way season. since i'm new at work i was volunteered to canvas for the united way. i grew up canvassing for a different charity every month (i think i've said this before) and learned that it has to be done but that i don't like doing it.

of the ten people on my list, 3 flat out said no, but the other 7 have either already donated or are filling in their forms as we speak.

i would much rather do something. take this past weekend for example. i played in a co-ed 3 pitch tournament. it was $200 per team (i paid my $20 share) and all proceeds go to the children's wish foundation. that makes me happy AND gets me out of the house being active.

bottom line - i like donating money, but i would rather pay and get something out of it, like a race or a tournament. okay, enough about that.

let's back it up to friday. friday afternoon we had to leave work early to meet with a lawyer. we chose a very italian man who seems nice. he charges the going rate for house stuff so we're happy. our appointment was at 2pm so we got home just after 3pm. j naps but i'm thinking that i would normally still be at work so i'm running all around the house getting all sorts of things done with my bonus time. we deicded to take friday night off and do things we needed to do and generally just sit. we were really busy all week and needed some down time. we watched slevin that night and i almost made it all the way though without falling asleep but i'm afraid i missed some keys parts right near the end.

most of my time saturday and sunday was spent at the tournament. saturday j went to deep river for the quasi-annual bbq with the car guys. there was some drama on the way there but i won't give details. just know that someone completely flipped out but it wasn't j. (i might tell the tale later on.. we will see.) saturday night, j went out and i stayed home. good thing too because i was exhausted. definitely in bed early.

after baseball sunday i napped hardcore. i went to k2's place for scrapbooking. i managed to complete 2 pages (not as many as i would have liked) but i sliced open my finger with one of my cutting tools. oops! at least it was a nice, deep cut that only bled oh about 10 pints.

and now it's a new week and i'm sneezing all over my cubicle - watch out, office mates! yes, i remember the freezer paper stencils and yes, we can get together and make a shirt sometime. i will decide on a date soon so keep checking back. anyone else who is interested, feel free to comment on here or email me.

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