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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

better picture

we went back to our new house yesterday while there was still daylight. here's the best picture of the trip:
September 5th.. 184_8403 (Medium)

it was neat to be able to see the foundation and try and guess at what models the other houses are. we figure the one attached to us is the same model but not the one on the other side. you can tell by the placement of the basement windows and whether the front porch part sticks out of not. i'm sure a builder could tell you based on a million other things.. just like certain scientists working in africa with elephants can tell them apart just by looking at them. obviously.

we also jumped down into the hole (gasp!) and walked around to the back of the house. the distance from the house to the back fence is not so far on the left side (garage side) but is super far on the other side. our lot is somewhat pie-shaped. our attached neighbours have a crappy lot but the ones on the other side have a ginormous lot BUT they back onto another house. tradeoffs my friends. we have no neighbours to the back. only the sweet sweet sound of cars going by.

when we went by the other night it was super dark and we got mud all over ourselves, or, maybe just on our shoes. either way, we were dragging our feet on the street to try and get rid of the mud when i spotted the newly-sodded front lawn of our new neighbours. grass! yesterday you could still see where we wiped our feet. oops! hopefully they a) don't notice, or b) don't care. you better believe i was giggling the whole time!

and that concludes my story house story for today.

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