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Monday, August 28, 2006

you and me same energy

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yesterday marked an anniversary in my life: 5 years of dating j. 5 years ago yesterday things finally fell into place and we were able to get really drunk and spend a night talking/sobering up/deciding that we liked each other.

well, i knew that i liked him and he knew that he liked me but we both never thought the other would like us. make sense? that's about how coherent we were at the beginning of our first night together - after all the drinking craziness - but by the time the sun came up we were not as hazy and apparently serious enough. i know the word "love" came out of my mouth once. good thing i wasn't facing j at the time.

the next day we spent some time together, always with other people though, but finally at 2am we were able to have some one-on-one time at a tim horton's. we talked for hours and saw the papers being delivered. i had to leave early the next morning for k-town so we finally parted ways, happy but confused.

i moved into a new place (the booty shak) and so had all new housemates but was also super busy being a frosh leader (we call them gaels at queen's, in arts&science at least) and all that jazz. j and i managed to talk a couple of times and actually saw each other twice in person before thanksgiving.

thanksgiving was the weekend to meet the parents. there were no hilarious moments like in the movie, but i clearly remember telling my mom before j came over that she should be nice to him because he was going to be around for a long time.

so the time passed and in may 2003 j proposed. i will always remember the night because i was still living at home and my dad made me dinner. the dinner was so salty that my body was in a ton of pain. but we went down to the ottawa river anyways and j got down on one knee and said the words.

j's parents moved away that june and i moved in, but i went back to kingston in september. that last year of university was tough, mostly because planning a wedding and being really excited about a huge event that isn't studying for your exams is hard. i managed to get through school and even passed all my courses.

we were married july 10th, 2004. i was late. he was nervous. we had the ceremony, took some family group shots and then jumped in a car and headed to the experimental farm to take pictures. we unloaded from the car and it started raining. we headed back to the hall and took pictures inside. did i mention it was 30+ degrees?

since then we have acquired enough stuff so that our house doesn't echo anymore. we have added to our family - two little cats. we have bought a new car and a new house. we've gone on road trips and cottage trips and trips on planes. we're still growing and maturing, but we're doing it all together. the past 5 years have been the best 5 of my life.


  1. I've never seen two people who make more sense together, than you and Jon. All the best, forever. :)