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Thursday, August 31, 2006

rehashed a plan

dear blogger,

we've spent the past couple of days not communicating and i will admit that i miss you. more than i thought i would. i thought i could go on without you but i've come to realize that you are a huge part of my life, a part that i've come to need. i only hope you can forgive me.

i like how well we've come to know each other over the years and how familiar and comfortable our relationship is. you let me talk (incessantly sometimes), you let me vent, you let me hash out my problems and issues, but you also let me be joyous and happy and oftentimes blubbering. who else puts up with me to such an extreme extent?

the past two days i have had a hole in my soul. a hole that could only be filled by you. blogger, i beg of you to see past my indiscretions (and awful attempts at spelling words i don't always know), and take me back. i want to remain friends.




  1. i want to thank everyone out there who commented, emailed me and called me about my blog... ah, who i am kidding, no one actually called me, though people did talk to me in person... . i appreciate all the comments and will continue blogging.

    i have made mistakes and have learned what not to post. i have upset lots of people and been upset myself, but we got through it (thanks in big part to j who ran damage control like nobody's business!) and through tears and hugs and laughter we'll keep going.

    i've always said that this blog is for me and it is, but i've learned that it's not all about me. so please come back often and follow me on my way. i'll try and keep you entertained.

    - batman

  2. happy to hear that you and blogger are back on speaking terms again :-)