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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

recovery possible?

two nights ago during the storm the power went off long enough to reset all of our clocks. i woke up yesterday morning without an alarm and was fine. last night i set my alarm and go to bed. apparently when your clock gets reset the time the alarm is to go off gets reset too - and i probably should have known this. i was all alone last night and ended up going to bed around 11:30. i fell asleep pretty quickly only to be jolted awake at midnight by my alarm.

in a panic - my alarm makes me panic and that's why normally j wakes me up - i turned off my alarm. i didn't just hit the snooze button, i flat out turned it off.

fast forward to about 5 am. rolo decides it's high time to digdigdig. this is a good way for me to lose a bunch of sleep and when i was just about to get up and lock him out, sandy too based on precedent, her being a cat and all, he fell asleep on my head. better than having him dig.

i was wondering if i would ever fall back to sleep when i woke up. i looked over at my alarm clock, which was simply a clock at this point, me having turned off the alarm function about 8 hours ago. that's right, it was 8 am. i'm normally at work at 8 or just after.

so i get up and concede to being late on my second week of work. hey, i've already asked for a day off, is being late really going to rock the boat? i make it into work for 8:30, showered and settled in by 9. not terrible and no one noticed. not bad.

but my question for you is this: after having a pretty lousy sleep can you recover enough to have a good day? or are you doomed to being a cranky snot-face all day? how do you feel after you haven't slept well? does your lack of sleep make its way into every aspect of your day?

i personally feel fine. my mood today wasn't affected, but i find that my body is much less tolerant to those nights that i don't get enough sleep than it used to be, possibly because i was a much better napper in university. also, when you're in university you might not have classes in the afternoon or you might not go to your afternoon classes.

all that to say that i'm tired but not cranky today. and i have lots of work to do so the day should go by quickly. i just wish i had kevin here. he's my ipod and keeps me from going crazy from lack of music.


  1. I find that a poor night's sleep doesn't necessarily mean a grumpy day. It just makes me less resilient to things. For example, usually watching the bus pull away from your stop right as you get there is a pain, but not the end of the world. On a tired day, that's cause for an angry fist-shaking at the bus driver who looked right at you in the mirror and kept on driving. The annoyance lasts longer than it should.

    The best remedy for being tired is a good breakfast. Food - and lots of it - usually does the trick for me.

    If I'm tired AND hungry, things can get ugly. Get out of the way.

    One interesting thing I've noticed... staying up super late often catches up to me two days later. Say I go to bed at.... 4am, and get up at 7. I'll be fine all day. But the next morning all the bus drivers seem to be waiting for me to turn the corner....

  2. why all the talk about busses? are you working at work now?

  3. nope, buses just seemed like a good analogy.

    I'm sweating it out at the home office... no shoes, no shirt - no problem!