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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

posting from work, how i've missed you

like the title says, i can post from work. i tried logging in last week some time and it wouldn't let me but i'm guessing that was the time when the internet was down and i couldn't access even google.

-- this is batman at work. this is batman posting from work. --

funny story: this morning when s and i were leaving the house we noticed the garbage can had been knocked over and opened. there were a couple of pieces of old banana bread on the driveway. i'm picking them up when s says "i guess the critter didn't much like that" and i asked her how she could tell thinking that the fact that it wasn't all eaten was a good indication. oh no, there was puke on the driveway just out of my field of view. puke! whatever had gotten into the garbage really didn't like my banana bread. i'm not that bad of a cook, honest!

update from work: i got some work to do on my own and i'm loving it (badabababaaaa... mcdonalds theme song, anyone? anyone?) it makes me feel good and makes the days go by quicker.

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