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Thursday, August 10, 2006

mild migraines

is there such a thing as a mild migraine or does the word "migraine" imply that what you're experiencing is in no way mild?

maybe i should change the title of my post to "huge headaches". since thursday i have been having mild migraines/huge headaches. i have also been trying to ignore a very sore throat for the past week. maybe the headaches are related... or maybe they are related to the fact that it's almost my "time of the month" (definite over-share).

to those people who do suffer full-on migraines, i am SO sorry. and i'm not talking about the self-inflicted head-pounding after a night of one too many bottles of wine (from what i've been told anyway...), i'm talking about the un-provoked, seering pain that is your head. how long do migraines normally last? do drugs help (advil? tylenol? extra-strength-all-of-the-above cocktail?)

i'm lucky that i'm still functioning, not that the drugs seem to be helping much. i've always said that i would take more sick days as soon as i got a job with paid sick leave. well, now i have one, and i'm scared to take my sick days because you have to accumulate them. i get my first 1.25 days sometime this week. yippee. i like to think i have a pretty high tolerance for pain so i'll tough it out and complain to everyone who reads this blog.

in other news - yes, i have news - j and i have the house to ourselves again. s moved out yesterday, cat and all. the cat i will not miss. i still can't believe that she never warmed up to me. i'm a cat person! cats like me without me having to do anything. this cat, not so much. i could simply look in her general direction and she would growl. but enough about her, s, if you're reading this, please don't take it the wrong way, but i'm very glad to have my house back to normal. i didn't realize how [difficult/hard/weird/pick something] it would be having another person in the house after having lived alone for so long. thankfully you didn't act like a guest because that would have been a whole nother situation.

s, we're happy you found a place and won't be giving out your new phone number (but will tell some key annoying people that you have moved) or anything silly like that. don't be a stranger.


  1. Apparently there is a distinction between "common" migraines (which I have, but would never describe as common) and "classic" migraines. With classic migraines you see auras, or funny zig-zag lines in your peripheral vision, just before the pain hits. With common migraines, no auras. Otherwise, they are the same. Awful.

    Check it out with your doc -- some of the migraine rescue-type drugs like the ones seen on tv commercials are fairly good. I haven't tried them because they are contraindicated with some of my other meds.

    For now, try an extra-strength advil and two extra-strength tylenol at the same time. It's the max dose for both, but they are safe to take together.

    Oy. Headaches. Nasty stuff -- I hope you feel better McSoon.

  2. Hmm, I would have to say that what I'm experiencing, if it is on the migraine level, that it is definitely not classic, but common. More likely I'm just having super bad headaches.

    I do have to go see my doctor soon so I will ask him and see what he says. I would prefer to not take crazy drugs (and by crazy I mean more intense than advil and tylenol) but if this keeps up I might need something more.

    Sue, thanks for the advice. I'm sorry that you suffer from migraines.

  3. I have no migraine-related advice as I have never experienced one (knock wood!) but I do know that when I get plain-jane vanilla headaches they are usually caused by me forgetting to drink enough. Playing sports in the sun, or sitting in airconditioning all day can really dry you out.

    Remember - no medical background or personal experience to back this up. Just speculation, straight-up.

    Wish s. good luck for me in her new place.

  4. alan, that's my problem. i haven't been doing anything that i don't normally do. i've been drinking as much water as last week and the week before. i am very conscious about my fluids. i'm hoping the headaches just go away and i'll forget about them.

    sarah reads this (maybe not always the comments) so i'll pass on the thoughts next time i talk to her.