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Friday, August 18, 2006

maybe you didn't know?

last night, my friends, i was the ultimate housewife... minus the baking. so maybe not "ultimate" at all, maybe just "great" or "awesome" or "amazing".

get this: i got home from work and showered (i don't always shower after work because some nights i have baseball or go to the gym and showering three times a day can't be good for your skin) and then did all sorts of domestic things. i went to two grocery stores (farm boy has a much better selection of everything fresh) and bought all sorts of food. then i got home, started the laundry and cleaned up (including dishes and general tidying - oh! s! we have a pile of your stuff in the dining room), and started cooking. peppers were on sale at farm boy so i bought 12 (we really like peppers) and cut them all up all while frying ground turkey for spaghetti. i managed to keep the cats at bay and got all the peppers cut up, the ground turkey cooked and the sauce made, the pasta cooked, cheese shredded ("j's invention" - he didn't really come up with it but he likes it so much that he's claimed it as his own creation - shredded real cheese on pasta instead of stinky parmesan, try it), garlic bread heated, laundry done, dishes done, and s's pile made.

j gets home after being out all afternoon. no lie. all afternoon. they went out for lunch and never went back. their table went through 15 pitchers. anyways, he gets home a little drunk but was really good about helping me pull everything together and being really thankful that he has such a domesticated family (our cats wouldn't survive an afternoon in the wild). he said i was the best wifey ever.

and now we have 9 peppers all cut up ready to eat. this is our attempt at getting more veggies in our diet. i still have to chop up the broccoli i bought (broccoli tastes best with dip in my opinion) but there's no more laundry and the house is relatively clean.

see what i can do when i get enough sleep? i've been so peppy this week and adventurous and obviously industrious. i even had the best catch of my life at my game the other night. oh, and my batting slump is officially over - i went 2 for 3.

and the moral of the story is that this girl thrives on sleep and can be domestic when the mood hits.


  1. sleep is great. And 12 peppers is a heck of a lot of peppers. Especially Farm Boy peppers - they're usually fat and juicy.

  2. I saw purple peppers today at Farm Boy. Honest, like in the Peter Piper rhyme... far out!