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Monday, August 14, 2006

i nap and then i nap some more

this weekend we spent a lot of time at home cleaning/organizing/throwing things out and out looking at things for the house. we went to rona and eq3 friday night and home depot saturday. we're most interested at this point in light fixtures (we went with all the standards and will be changing a few fixtures almost immediately), bathroom things (we had them not put in any mirrors or fixtures in all three bathrooms), appliances (stove and dishwasher are at the top of the list, but washer and dryer are still up there. we already have the fridge), and dining room table. we get a discount at the brick and the bay so if we can find everything we need at those two stores then we'll be set. if not, it's not the end of the world, just isn't ideal.

saturday i broke down and went to a yarn store. i went to yarn forward in the glebe and bought enough yarn for a pair of socks and some teeny needles. the pattern was free and has some things in it that i don't understand and my knitting bible doesn't explain. i'm going to charge through it and hope for the best. there will be pictures!

saturday night we went out for dinner with richard in westboro at a little pub. the food wasn't awesome but it wasn't bad. afterwards, we picked up vlatko and hung out like old times (ie. in our basement watching snl and mad tv and laughing about times past).

sunday, we made it to the gym. i ran about 4k, half of it on a very steep incline, which felt a lot like running in dreams (you know, when you're being chased and you can't seem to run fast at all.. or is it just me with that as my recurring-nightmare theme?) and then i worked out my arms and legs and abs. now that baseball is (almost) done i'll be at the gym more often. i really miss my tai chi/ pilates/ yoga class, aka body flow.

oh, in the spirit of all of our house cleaning we will have lots of stuff that we no longer want. j is not a fan of garage sales and i'm not a big fan of throwing away perfectly good stuff so i'll be posting pictures here and there of things that we'll be giving away/ selling. sarah gets first dibs, but after it clears her you'll get a shot at it too.

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