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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

catching up

i posted so much last week that i gave you all weekend and yesterday to read it. i'm assuming you're all caught up now so i'm writing more.

first things first: happy birthday carla and sylvia!! i hope you both had great birthdays and ate tons of cake.

baseball season finally done
we had our last game of the season last night. the season should have been done two weeks ago at provincials but the league dragged things out for another while. at least we won, quite handily too, despite having 8 players. i played well but could have played better.

tv season commences
the new season of prison break started last night. we missed it because of the game and need to see it sometime this week, but i'm excited! michael scoffield is, in my opinion, the hottest guy on tv.

they dug the hole for our house. next the foundation gets poured.
182_8213 (Medium)

we also got an update on matt and julie's house (they close in 2 months) - the outside of the house is pretty much finished and so the work will be moving to the interior. they have even picked out their appliances and some furniture.

also, both andi&graham and alan&sylvia have put offers on houses recently. i'm excited that my friends are getting on board with buying houses. next: getting married! you know you want to....

speaking of weddings, we have a wedding to go to saturday, though we were only officially invited to the reception. and it starts at 9pm. not your typical wedding. it's a girl from my ball team. i think i'll go to our street garage sale during the day.


  1. now now batman, there's no need rush things....

    p.s. that's a very nice looking hole in the ground. Has J marked a spot so that he always takes a picture from the same location? A time-lapse view of your house growing out of the ground would be really cool to look at.

  2. A street garage sale or the wedding?? What's the difference? (Honestly!). Okay okay, I'm just bitter. But YAY for the ground diggin!

  3. we were going to do that, alan, and kinda have. we took the pictures from right in front of the property marker. so as long as that doesn't move we should have a pretty accurate bunch of pictures. otherwise, we're screwed... unless we come up with something else soon.

    we saw online somewhere a time-lapse view of a woman during her 9-months of pregnancy. it was really neat.

  4. once they pour the foundation you can cut two pieces of string and use them to triangulate from the corners of your house. They'll only intersect at one point. It'll probably be close enough, since that foundation won't be moving at all. Just don't mix up which string goes where.