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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

big baseball bonanza

this weekend was our provincials in st. catharines. i feel like i've posted a lot about it so i'll get down to the details. we left friday morning, me, j, big t and p, all in our little car. we were packed full, but not uncomfortably so. after a quick stop at the toronto airport we made it to our hotel, checked in, and walked over to a restaurant and then to the diamonds to watch the night games.

almost the whole team was out that night and we had a good time making fun of one of the coaches from another team. everyone seemed pretty relaxed.

saturday morning we played at 9 and beat the team 4-0, townsend maybe. and with that win we secured a medal - the great thing about a double-knockout tournament with only 6 teams when you have a by. we were very excited. food and napping followed before we took the field again and again beat our opponents, but only because they made costly errors. we were off to the gold medal game undefeated!

saturday night was team dinner and gossip-fest. the sleep saturday night was much better than friday night because the air was left on a much warmer setting.

sunday morning we were up earlier than needed to pack everything up and get to the diamonds early. the two teams we had played saturday were playing to decide who got to play us for the gold medal. belleville won. and then belleville pounded us two games in a row to take the gold. we were left with the silver.

i think everyone was happy with how we played and happy with the silver. note the shark fins in the picture.. that's what those are.

our fun didn't end there though. 8 of us made our way to niagara falls and spent about 5 hours exploring the falls and the vegas-like strip. everything is overpriced there and we ended up spending way more money in those 5 hours than the rest of the weekend.

we left niagara falls just before 8pm and made it home just before 2am. poor t had to work the next morning. the rest of us were able to sleep in and recover from an exhausting weekend.

j and i made our way to my parents place to see my brother and his girlfriend for a bit. the rest of the day was spent doing laundry and cleaning. we got groceries and went to check on our new house (still nothing, but in the past month they have started the block of 6 townhouses beside us and now have the frames up). the cats were super happy to have us home.

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  1. ahh niagara falls. Las Vegas North, for sure. But the falls are so cool!

    Congrats on your silver medal.