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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

where to start?

i promised a post sunday. i'm late, but better be late posting than late for something else....

i'm going to apologize right now for the lack of flow in this post. there's so much going on in my head and it seems like i'm just blurting out thought after thought, but really, a blog isn't about a two-sided conversation, it's about my thoughts and there you have it.

we bought our tent and set it up for the first time on saturday, in less than 5 minutes. it's a nice little tent. we're very happy with it. here's a picture:

it's a sierra designs antares 3-person 3-season. it came with some extras: a footprint, a ceiling-hangy-thingy, and two hangy-thingies for "coffee" (where coffee = our water bottles). it has two doors and an idiot-proof fly. it's amazing what they think of when it's not a canadian tire special. spend a little more money, get a LOT more.

we were so happy that we slept in it saturday night. it is almost all screen so we were able to look up at the stars (bright out at the cottage compared to in the city). now we're in the market for some camping accessories so we can actually go camping. any takers? sometime in august or september?

sunday was s's birthday. we had dinner with the grandparents that involved cake. lots and lots of cake.

she's been getting card after card in the mail (think i'm jealous? i'm lucky to get a card or two, not tens of them!) and present after present. good haul, s!


my yesterday was great. i woke up to an email from a friend asking if i wanted to go to the beach. of course i did so i went to the gym and then showered and headed out. we went to britannia beach for about 3 hours. it was beautiful! i had never been and i'm not sure why. there were lots of people there, but it was definitely not packed. it was hothothot (31 but felt like 41) and the water was warm. the sand went all the way out into the water. beautiful, i'm telling you. and now i'm hooked. i want to go again today, but i'm a tad burnt. i put on tons of sunscreen but you can't really help it if it's that hot and you're out in the hottest part of the day. it wasreally a scorcher.


my big plan, and i'm really not sure if this will work, is to start going to the gym before work. i haven't been going much lately (like twice in the past two months - i'm terrible) but really, i get home from work and have baseball or have to get groceries or have to do something else.. there doesn't seem to be anytime for the gym. so i'm going to make time. and that time just happens to be early in the morning. but i figure if i work from 9-5 i should have time in the morning without getting up before the sun. i can bike to the gym, work out and then bike to work. bike home obviously and only have to shower twice instead of three times. i know i'll feel good about it so i'm going to do it. keep asking me about it.


  1. Is that Thumbellina on that cake???

  2. We love our Antares too. So airy! it feels like you're outside, but without the bugs!

    good luck with the pre-work gym routine. You're going to be one big muscle after all the gym, cycling and baseball.

  3. Captain UnderpantsJuly 18, 2006 at 11:46 PM

    Beautiful tent Batman, the meshy ones are fantastic. ooh, camping accessory shopping, it's so much fun. It's warmer where you are than where we are..glad to hear you made it to the beach. Perfect way to spend a hot day!

    I always check in on your site, it's nice to hear about how things are going with you. Take care xoxo

  4. sue - that was a sexy purple girl of unknown origins. she was "kicking her heels back" and that got her on the cake. s is now of the age that she can kick her heels back. obviously, people who are of that age work 60+ hours a week.

    alan - i don't find baseball does much and biking really only helps the legs. and really it's not about the muscles, it's about me feeling good about my body. not enough exercise and i feel sluggish.

    m - i haven't forgotten about you! i can't check your travel site from home (it crashes out router for some reason) and know that internet is costing you so figured that you would get your fill of me from my blog. we'll have a huge chat/knitting/drinking(teaofcourse) fest when you're home... or i'll come to wherever you are for school and we'll do it there.