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Thursday, July 20, 2006

when weeks fly....

today feels like friday because j and i are heading up to the cottage tonight (he gets every second friday off from working compressed work weeks - good deal), but only staying until either tomorrow night or early saturday. we have things to do in town saturday and sunday. so it feels like a friday and i'm sitting here asking myself where my last week off has gone. but really, i had a good time. i packed it full of sleeping and going to the gym and playing baseball and hanging out with friends. i couldn't be luckier.

last night after our slaughter-fest of a game (we won 20-2) we all went to grace o'malleys. i had the fajita chicken wrap and loved it! i like that we make it out together lots. i have a good time every time we go, despite the slow slow service we normally get.

also, i came downstairs to finish some laundry i was doing and found this:

that's right, sandy in the dryer, cause it isn't hot enough already. they both love the heat and will lie in little patches of sun around the house. anyone else have cats who do this?


  1. That picture makes Sandy look like an evil mastermind planning world domination.

  2. Ginger loves lying in the sunlight as well.

  3. You mean she's NOT planning world domination? I guess that was just a rumour.

    Our cats are afraid of the dryer. *sigh* They are more poultry (as in chicken) than feline. They fear everything., especially if it makes noise.

  4. kelly, you still have a blog? why is it all password protected? how do i get in? (email me at [myname]ATgmailDOTcom)