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Friday, July 7, 2006

wee wee while on the welephone

i never EVER thought i would see this... but wait for it, i have to set it up. i spend 8 hours or so at work a day and so have to urinate at least once. i consider this normal. what is not normal is for someone else in the office to come into the bathroom wearing a headset, talking on said headset, and proceed to pee WHILE TALKING!!

i will admit that i can understand if you're at home and talking to someone who you don't particularly want to be talking to and they're talkingtalkingtalking. you know that kind of person, everyone does. they just keep going and going and you can't even tell them "sorry i really have to pee. i'll call you back" (and then conveniently forget to call them back because you can't stand their hour-long rants) so you pee. and you cover the phone because honestly, who pees while they're talking to someone on the phone. in this instance, i say all is forgiven because you aren't actually talking.

what i can't forgive is doing this at work in a communal bathroom when there's someone else around while talking! that was a huge sentence but everything is in there and you can add punctuation as you see fit. has this ever happened to you? i was stunned. so i finished washing my hands, dried them, and promptly went and told my coworkers. we all laughed.

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