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Saturday, July 1, 2006

soccer madness

i had to bus downtown after work yesterday to pick something up. i managed to time my trip perfectly and get caught in the rain, sporadic but intense rain, and got drenched. i picked up the package - and even called j to say that i had the package - and jumped on a bus to get home.

said bus goes through little italy. i don't follow soccer but there was no doubt that italia had a game and that they won. i have never seen anything like this in person. preston street, the street that is little italy, was packed with flags and cars honking and people screaming. it took us almost half an hour to get through about a 10km stretch and at one point there were actually people pounding on the bus. it was insane.

and i was told that there were car loads full of people (waving flags and screaming of course) who were just going up and down preston. they would get to the end, u-turn, and do it all over again. insane.

the package was actually some coupons from the bank where we got our mortgage. we used them to get a new fridge last night. it's a sexy stainless stell, bottom-freezer type that we are super pleased with. and the brick was able to get it to us mid-week next week, which beats the bay by 2 weeks, at the earliest. so we got a super nice fridge for super cheap.

this morning's task: throwing out the rest of the food. why one fridge had about 17 bottles of bbq sauce is beyond me. but i have to say that it felt so good tossing all that stuff. all we have left is a couple bottles of mustard (yes, we have multiple bottles of mustard) and some pickles. i imagine that wednesday night we will go hog-wild buying all new food.

mr. fridge has made his exit by the way. he's standing outside right beside the house. j sprayed him off with the hose cause he smelled terrible and was covered in pink sticky stuff. just ask sandy who managed to get sticky all over her back and tail and had her first bath. now she's all fluffy and smells like baby shampoo.

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