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Friday, July 14, 2006

restless in canada

just my luck: the night before the only morning that i have to be up for, i can't sleep. it might have something to do with the hour+ nap i had this afternoon (lying in the sun really drains you) or the 5+ cans of diet coke i had tonight. either way, it's after 3am and i'm wired.

contrary to my last post, i heard back from my new boss today and am expected there at 8:30 tomorrow morning. i'm excited but 8:30?? how quickly you forget that such a time actually exists.

so i go in for an hour and then i pack all sorts of things into my day and hope that my ~4 hours of sleep will keep me going. i have to mail some things off and find a birthday present for s and possibly my brother as well, i want to get my hair cut (but this won't likely happen) and go see a friend. i'm sure there are tons of other things.. oh, buy a tent while the sale is still on (we're leaning towards the sierra designs antares 3-season 3-person, m). but who knows, i might get home from "work" and sleep the day away. wouldn't that be grand.

so heading up to the cottage tomorrow once j gets home from work. have you seen the weather forcast? hot and sunny. for reals. part of me wants to stay in town just so i can shower (sulfur-smelling water makes for a non-clean-feeling shower) whenever the need arises. did i mention that i don't get along well with lake water?

onto the next train of thought: tonight was p's birthday and we went out to le biftheque, which was much more upscale than i imagined. i ate lots and drank copious amounts of diet pop (4 can-sized glasses - gross). i even had some chocolately chocolate cake. then bowling. i'm terrible at bowling, but managed to win the second game. i took pictures when i was ahead after the first frame(?) but not again at the end showing me as the big winner. but really, the big winner was big T who beat her closest opponent by ~90 points. wow. i didn't even score 90 points in the first game.

well enjoy whatever weekend summery plans you have. i'll report back sunday.


  1. The antares is a sweet tent - that's the one we've got. If you're buying at Bushtukah let me know because I have a discount card (from the ottawa sport and social club - my frisbee team) for 10% off.

    Hope your first day goes well!

  2. Thanks so much for coming out last night Kammer - and for your help organizing the crew :) I had a great time and I think P's little birthday outing was a success.

    Have an awesome time at the 'tage!!!

  3. okay, tent has been bought. went with the antares. and thanks alan, but j's sister was able to get us a discount at le baron. we'll be playing around with it/ taking copious amounts of pictures this weekend.

    t, thank YOU for organizing last night. i had a great time even though i'm terrible at bowling! you didn't have to pay for everyone though. i'm buying you drinks for your birthday night out, take two.