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Monday, July 24, 2006

new job

i think "new job" has been the title of multiple posts. back that up - i KNOW it has. whose blog is this anyways? mine i tell you!

okay, so new job. yes i started my new job today after two weeks off (a blessing, and i don't often use that word) and i have lots to say.

first let me start off with this: i AM really excited about this job, but the actual me-jumping-around excitement wore off about two weeks ago. no one can run on adrenaline and pure joy for that long. so please forgive me if i don't sound super duper happy. i am, you just have to believe me.

i got to work on time - a good start to a new job - and parked in the pay lot. parking is super cheap, only $40/month compared to $120/month at my old building, and there's no waiting list. but i'll be biking, at least until it gets so cold it burns, so i opted out of the parking. today i drove because even though i was shown around the building (aka the maze) two fridays ago when i went in, there was no way i was going to be able to find the shower. the shower. that's right: there's only one shower in the whole building. it's an old building, i'll give them that, but you'd think that they could add in a shower or two here and there. i digress.

i drove to work because it was easier. i arrived on time and was promptly picked up at the front desk by my new boss who is super nice and taken to security to get my building pass. my picture turned out okay, not smashing. they never do.

then it was off to my little cubicle. it's actually big for a cubicle, but it's a second row cubicle meaning the only natural light i get bounces off the ceiling and into my space. not a problem cause i'm new and i was REALLY spoiled at my last job with the view i had.

today was mostly spent reading the orientation guide and stuff to do with the job. i'm working as an assistant scientific screening officer with the pesticide management regulatory agency, or pmra. i had a nice IT guy come and show me all sorts of things about the programs on my computer. you might think this is a little over-the-top, but health canada uses archeaic programs that i'm not all that familiar with so it was nice. plus he gave me all sorts of tips for using my double monitors. that's right baby, two 17-inch flat screens. all mine [insert evil laughter here].

i'm really fortunate because a guy i worked with two years ago at environment canada was in the same competition and started just over three weeks ago in the same group. so he's been really helpful at showing me the ropes, including the cafeteria across the street and the picnic tables outside. that's where we ate lunch and i got to talk to some of my new coworkers outside the office which is always nice.

i had a hard time staying alert and focused due to lack of sleep (two little cats think 5am is a good time to bother this girl and this was annoying but okay when i could sleep until 1pm) and being freezing (i get cold when i'm tired and hungry) but i got through lots of reading and managed to get a better handle on the building. i know my way to my desk and from there to the kitchen area, the bathroom and the shower. i will be biking tomorrow.

and so off i go to hopefully get more sleep than last night. i'm definitely looking forward to the exercise in the morning. it's been a while since i busted disco out, disco being my bike. if you have any questions about my new job i'm more than happy to answer them. i didn't want this post getting too out of control. so leave a comment or email me (gmail or work: and no, it's not batman_returns though i would be the coolest person if it was.


  1. ouch, this is a long post. sorry about that! i'll wait to pour out all my thoughts on the miss universe pageant i watched sunday night.

  2. Sounds like you've found yourself a nice spot with good people. Good people are key. And you managed to get you photo ID on the first day! That's unheard of in most places.

  3. honestly, i can't believe how organized they are here. i had everything set up waiting for me when i got here. could have had something to do with me starting 2 weeks later than expected, but still, i appreciate it.

    about the id though, most floors you have to swipe to get out of the stairwells and you can't access my floor from the elevators without your pass... it's very secure so it makes sense that i would need it pretty quickly.

  4. Just wanted to say congrats on the new job! I am really glad to hear your co-workers seem to be so nice! Let me know when you have time to get together I cant wait to hear more about it plus I miss you, I havent seen you in ages :) TTYS!