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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

new job - on hold

i just realized that i haven't said anything about my new job yet and you all must be going crazy waiting for news. the news is this: i have not yet received my letter of offer so i'm sitting at home. i'm taking this as a forced couple of days/ a week off. i know that i have the job so i'm not worried, it's just a matter of HR coming through with the letter for me. as soon as i get the call i can go in and sign it and start the next day.

and i've heard from my buddy who also works there that they aren't starting training until i get there so he's bored out of his mind. sucker! but he's getting paid....

and so you have it. back to the couch, captain no-work!


  1. what do i have to say to get a comment out of you?

  2. Waiting for documentation - I know what that's like. I just officially received my security clearance this week, after one full year of waiting. But, since everyone seems to be happy with the current arrangements, I don't think I'll start commuting every day.

    some days are more comment-y than others.... I usually read before I really get going in the morning and sometimes you haven't posted by then. I'm a little slow today.

    Have a nice "vacation" while you can! Let us know how it goes when you're official...

  3. alan, i do understand. it was just weird having no comments for several days in a row. and believe me, you are must better than most people.. as in, you don't seem to be afraid to comment.

    i like getting comments so i try and comment too. sometimes it's hard coming up with something to write.

    i think i'm going to be buying a tent today or tomorrow. i'll keep you posted!

  4. If you get a tent, I expect pictures! I'm sure that won't be an issue though...

    Watch out for kitties though... We set ours up in my parent's basement to show them and the cat went crazy. The fabric must feel funny under her paws because she was half walking, half jumping all over it while we were trying to set it up. Claws and mosquito netting don't mix though, so we didn't encourage her.