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Thursday, July 6, 2006

new fridge!

s stayed home yesterday morning and welcomed the fridge delivery guys. they unloaded our new fridge and brought it inside. when i got home from work it was already cold inside.

you better believe that i went out, and, $100 later, stocked the fridge. it still looks VERY bare, but it will until we've acquired 16 more jars of bbq sauce.

it's stainless steel with the freezer on the bottom. it's really nice and big and bright. you can see through into the crisper drawers so you know when your fruit is rotting. finally.

anyways, we're all really happy to have food in the house again. 5 days is too long to go without a fridge. i had cold water last night and orange juice and cheese and, like in the barenaked ladies song, i went upstairs and just opened the fridge.


  1. can't wait to see it!

  2. Very cool. Heh. Get it? Cool?

  3. Sue, that was my joke! You beat me to the punch!

    I like it. Looks like it can hold a lot more than the old one, eh?
    Very nice!

  4. it's a little bit bigger than the old one, but it's hard to compare because the old one was side by side. those feel smaller to me either way.

    sounds like you two will get along just fiiiiiine.