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Sunday, July 30, 2006

mash up

car stuff
the car meet was a lot of fun. i wasn't sure what to expect, but having fun friday night and all day saturday didn't seem likely. it felt neat to be part of something very visual. look at the picture - we had over 30 cars all driving together. we were in the front half of the pack but were fortunate enough to have a ton of cars behind us and enough in front of us to really get the impact of the caravan.

not much playing since my last post - only one practice, but a good one - but i've been thinking lots about provincials. provincials are this coming weekend in st. catharines. j and i are carpooling and rooming with big t and p so i think it'll be lots of fun, but tiring. in a good way though. the tournament is double knock-out format and we have one less game all five other teams so we're really hoping for a medal this year. last year we came fourth. i think we have a good shot.

my second and third weeks of work will be four days each. sweet! i'll be biking in on my own though since j is on vacation this week and away at the cottage. he's teaching himself how to windsurf.


  1. That's a neat picture of the cars in the mirror. Very creative!

    Good luck to you with baseball and to J with windsurfing. Hopefully the weather is nice for him - a little bit of wind is always nice when windsurfing. Ix-nay on the urricanes-hay though. My brother was cottaging in Quebec last week and they had a tornado go through their area. Luckily he doesn't windsurf, otherwise he might have ended up in the next town...

  2. i just got a call at work from the cottage. apparently j has had amazing winds today and has blisters all over his hands and feet. he's really sore but so happy. i think this little week-long vacation is going to wear him right out.

    it doesn't help that it's 35 degrees, 49 with the humidity. at least he has a lake.