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Sunday, July 9, 2006


i have officially finished my job. my desk was a complete mess and i was scrambling to get everything done and i did. i was able to leave just after 2pm.

j and i went to the east end and finished designing our new place. we decided to not tell anyone what kinds of things we picked and then j went and told a couple of our friends that night so i don't know what to tell you. i think i'll wait and post pictures once we're there and all set up.

afterwards, we went out to dinner at montana's. if you know me then you know that i love their country cob salad and get it all the time and this time was no different. i was starving so i ate the whole thing and loved every piece of it.

and then we went out to see the new pirates movie, which was great. i wrote more about it on my other blog, batman's library. it was great and i can't wait for the third one.

yesterday we spent all day on the beach at the hope beach volleyball tournament. it was fun but i definitely was getting really frustrated with my team. i was hoping for a higher skill level (but really shouldn't have been) and also for guys who wouldn't run right in front of me to get a ball. yeah, thanks, i could have had that. and i didn't even play like crap for them to think i couldn't do it. but it was nice to be outside and to see lots of people i knew. i even ran into my two local cousins who i never ever see.

we got home and showered (oh, what a wonderful feeling) and slept. after eating we went out to see our new place. the only updates are that they moved the dumpster.

then we ate some more and went to bed. obviously we were pretty worn out from our long day.